Wednesday, September 17, 2008

U.S. Media Must Stop Pandering To McCain Campaign

On all of the major news networks, for at least the recent past, has covered the campaign of John McCain almost exclusively, as though Barak Obama had decided to end his own campaign.

Every single day, CNN has spent all of it's time speaking exclusively to McCain campaign spokes people, openly pandering to them in ways that make knowledgeable viewers blush. Allowing all of the Republican talking points and wild accusations to go unchallenged, they mention the Obama campaign briefly as an after thought. Between Blitzer and Dobbs, they should just allow Rupert Murdoch to run their station. The only saving grace for CNN is Campbell Brown.

Speaking of Fox News, if it can be called a news channel, all one is allowed to see there is the John McCain Show. Viewers are treated to the vitriol of Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly, two of the biggest liars ever allowed to call themselves mainstream media personalities. The entire network is a veritable den of snakes, an illegal extension of the Republican Party, and whose fair and balanced logo could be easily seen as a school yard bully beating up smaller children.

Even MSNBC has begun pandering to the McCain campaign recently. All day long, we are treated to a virtual who's who of Republican liars, who are allowed to spew their propaganda unchallenged, and which is then what the casual viewer believes. Scarborough and Matthews are clearly biased in favor of Mccain, although to be fair, Scarborough would be biased for Richard Nixon were he to come back from the dead. It's only when night time falls that the Obama campaign gets any balanced coverage, ie; Countdown and The Rachel Maddow Show.

The myth of media bias towards the Obama campaign is just that, a myth. Between Rush Limbaugh's three hour tirade, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, and all of the other right wing talk show and talk radio hosts, there's at least a five to one ratio of talking points favorable to the McCain campaign. The most recent example would be the fact that whenever McCain or Palin give a speech, it's covered from beginning to end most of the time. Obama gets about five minutes into a speech and the network cuts away to talk to a Republican propogandist.

Even the so called mainstream coverage has become so biased that it's almost impossible not to notice. Make believe 'political analysts' on all of the major networks have all thrown out the subtle 'Obama doesn't have much experience' lie, and allowed the thought to be reinforced by Republican operatives time and time again. Bill Schneider for instance has repeatedly thrown the question out there asking whether Obama's four years in the U.S. Senate was enough experience for him to be President, as well as questioning whether voters could overcome his being black.

T.J. Holmes did the exact same thing when he said that Americans were going to have a hard time voting for someone with virtually no foreign policy experience, and the sentiment has been picked up and repeated like a mantra by every single U.S. media outlet over and over again.

By contrast, John McCain has enjoyed nothing but high praise from all of the media outlets for what NBC's Brian Williams said was McCain's “vast foreign policy expertise and credibility on national security.” The sentiment was echoed in Newsweek, when they claimed that no one could question John McCain's foreign policy credentials. But yet, even after McCain showed his ineptness in just that very same arena of foreign policy, by his not knowing which countries bordered which, he was given a pass by the media. Or when McCain claimed that Shiite Iran was backing the Sunnis in Iraq, the media covered it as though it were some sort of small gaffe instead of the clear indication that Mccain had no idea of what he was talking about. Even Joe Lieberman had to correct him in one instance.

Or we can look at the media's extensive coverage of the non story about Barak Obama's connection to Tony Rezco. Practically called a criminal by the mainstream media until Obama could prove his innocence, Republicans to this day use Rezco as a talking point and the media never calls them on it. The flip side of that coin is so obvious, and with the economy collapsing all around us, the media has become so remiss in it's duty that it could be called criminal. They refuse to bring up John McCain's involvement in the collapse of Lincoln Savings and Loan, or the corruption that was involved and of which John McCain was a key player in, namely the infamous Keating 5 scandal. It's almost as though it never happened.

Bill Ayers of the 1960's Weather Underground was vaguely acquainted with Obama in Chicago and the press trumpeted the right wing propaganda line that Obama had ties to terrorists. Once again, it took ridicule of the entire situation for the story to die down, but yet, that very same media makes absolutely no mention of McCain's proud announcement that terrorist and criminal Oliver North of the Iran-Contra scandal had endorsed him for President. North killed more civilians than any Weather Underground could have ever dreamed of.

No mention is made of the association of John McCain with G. Gordon Liddy. McCain beamed as Liddy endorsed him, even though Liddy was a key player in the Watergate scandal and has called for his listeners to kill federal agents on his talk radio show.

When Obama opted out of public campaign financing, the media condemned him as one voice. But when McCain broke the law and a legally binding promise to accept public financing for his campaign, he was given another pass by the fourth estate. It's become almost a joke that the press allows John McCain's campaign to use his P.O.W. days as his credentials to run the country. As though he were the Vietnam War's ONLY prisoner of war.

It boils down to this and the U.S. media had better start paying attention. John McCain stands for the total destruction of the United States of America, and his sidekick is a far right wing nut job, who would love nothing more than to have a shot at starting a war with Russia to usher in the Rapture. The Fourth Estate has to stop pandering to this campaign, period. Stop allowing them to spew lies on national television.

The McCain campaign throws out an accusation of media bias, declares a no interview policy, and the networks fall all over each other to get back into favor with a campaign they should just ignore. Because when the Iraq war began, every single major network anchor and reporter sat in front of Americans and said that even though they try to be unbiased in their reporting, they wanted America to win of course. This is the same exact situation. This is a war for the survival of our nation, and by favoring McCain and the Republican Party, they are drawing voters to his side. When they allow the likes of Sarah Palin to hijack the news cycles for more than a week, they harm the electoral process. When they allow the Republicans to repeat lie after lie after lie every day, even when it's known they are lying, the media is complicit in perpetuating those lies. It is time for the media in our country to recognize that our survival is at stake and act like patriotic Americans, and help the rest of us save our country, end of story.

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