Monday, September 8, 2008

John McCain = America's Hypocrite And Bush's Pet

Disappearing into the morass of frenzy surrounding the pick of Sarah (Lipstick Pitbull) Palin as John McCain's Vice Presidential pick is the debate about who John McCain really is, what his policies are and how he would govern should the sheeple of America help the Republicans steal a third election in a row.

All of a sudden an unknown woman who has done little more than bark out thinly disguised disgust for all Americans that try in their every day lives to make a difference and help others, has become some sort of mainstream media icon, as though her sudden appearance on the national stage has heralded the second coming of Christ Himself.

Putting aside for the moment that this woman probably couldn't point out Delaware or Arkansas on a map of the United States, we had better start returning to the true issues at hand, and stop allowing mainstream media, and the far right wing fascists to control the conversation with their bait and switch tactics, lest we fall victim yet again to the old Karl Rove strategy of not talking about what ails the nation, but pandering to the most divisive issues that will pit Americans at each others throats long enough for no one to notice that they're even doing it again.

John McCain is no 'maverick'. How anyone has fallen for that baloney is beyond all reason, but fall for it they do. McCain's own voting record in the Senate shows him for the phony he his. That's not to say he isn't a very shrewd politician, because he is. So shrewd that he knew how to vote against an issue that he knew would be unpopular, then vote for the very same thing a couple of years later. How quickly people tend to forget that even George Bush said that John McCain was ready to set forth his agenda.

Everyone has stopped talking about the fact that John McCain voted along with Bush to privatize Social Security and that he still holds that position. He has stated that he still feels that the program needs to be privatized and would fight to do so were he to win.

John McCain voted right along the neo-con line for tax cuts for the ultra wealthy, and wants to make the giveaway to the rich permanent. The only ones that want these tax cuts to remain in place are the corporations, the fabulously wealthy, John McCain and the suckers he can convince that it would be in their best interest to accept the crumbs from the altar of excess.

Interestingly, as John McCain tries desperately to repaint himself as a reformer and a maverick, he doesn't have any qualms at all about taking huge sums of money from many of George Bush's biggest corporate lobbyist bundlers. Here's a couple of them listed below:

Wayne and Lea Berman of Ogilvy Government Relations, who have raised more than $250,000.

James Courter of Idt Corp., who has raised more than $200,000.

Alfonse D'Amato of Park Strategies, who has raised more than $250,000.

Thomas Fiorentino of Fiorentino & Hewett, more than $200,000.

David Girard-diCarlo of BlankRome, more than a quarter of a million dollars.

Gaylord Hughey, a lobbyist at large (Wasn't there another 'lobbyist at large' who visited the White House a lot?), more than $150,000.

Thomas Loeffler of Loeffler Group, more than $250,000.

That's just a few of Bush's campaign contributors that are contributing to John McCain and Sarah Palin's sprint for the White House lawn. If McCain is such a maverick, why would he need Bush's people to raise money? For that matter, why would the President's speech writers have to write Sarah Palin's speech for the convention? Because they're all one and the same group of people, wallowing through the same mud, the same blood of Americans, and the same steal all you can and get out group of corporate lobbyists.

Medicare patients who are thinking of voting for McCain may well wish to read over his plan to rewrite the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit. On April 15th of this year, McCain said that he believes most people should be required to pay for their own medicine. In a glorious showing of his out of touch with reality mentality, he included 'most Americans' in with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. On the same day, McCain declared that he would begin to cut funding for and even eliminate many social safety net programs in order to jump start the economy by giving even larger tax cuts to corporations. Compared to the Bush Doctrine, wherein the President froze or decreased spending for domestic programs in order to facilitate his corporate tax cuts, one would have to draw the conclusion that John is really McSame.

George Bush, instead of denouncing the massive amounts of wealth being garnered by CEO's, said that CEO pay should be commensurate with the success of the corporation. That would be right in line of McSame's statement in April that Americans were fed up with watching CEO's make exorbitant salaries and perks, and that their pay should be based on performance. Not that there ought to be some sort of equality in pay, but just more of Bush's talking points.

It's 3 A.M. and a hurricane destroys a major American city, stranding thousands and thousands, bodies floating down streets, and millions of lives devastated. What does a President do? Well, if your name is Bush, you have birthday cake on the tarmac of an airport with your good friend John McCain. If your name is John McCain, you vote along neo-fascist lines and deny Medicaid coverage to the survivors of Katrina. You vote against investigating fraud and abuse in the aftermath. You vote to deny an extension of unemployment benefits to the disaster victims. You vote against forming a commission to try to discover what went wrong with the government's response, because you know damned well the commission is going to find that your Party was responsible for FEMA being under the control of a horse trader, and the umbrella organization known as Homeland Insecurity was the reason that FEMA couldn't respond quickly enough. And oh, yeah, you voted FOR all of that stuff. And unlike the photo op rush to be on the scene before the latest non disaster, you were actually campaigning in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina before someone in your campaign told you it might make a good photo op to appear in New Orleans. Long after everyone else had come and gone. Now THAT'S leadership we can count on!

But even better yet, in one of the most telling statements of McSame's politicking, he declared in January of 2008 that FEMA itself should be handed over to Wal-Mart and Fed-Ex. Privatized in order to make it more efficient. Or in other words, so they could rip off the tax payers just like the Oil Companies that are paying huge sums of money to elect McSame, or the Insurance Industry that has reaped windfall profits by ensuring that people on Medicaid can't go to their doctors or receive medications due to the program being privatized by Bush and the Republicans. is that called 'progress' or something?

And while Bush and Cheney were lying straight into the faces of every American and every ally and person the world over about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, John 'the surge' McSame said "Saddam Hussein continues to acquire, amass, and improve on his arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. He continues to attempt to acquire a nuclear weapon. These are all well-known facts." Oh? What 'intelligence' did John McCain get? Was it the same 'memos' that Cheney was handing out? Or was he just spouting the party line? And if McSame believed so much in this war for oil, then why did he consistently vote against our troops every single chance that he had? he voted against funding for armor for vehicles, body armor for the troops, health care for the returning wounded, and even voted against H.R. 1591, a bill to provide funding to continue the war in Iraq, because it contained $1 billion in aid for the returning wounded. So why does John McCain hate our troops?

These are just a few of the hypocritical stances of John McSame and his religious adviser, er, Vice presidential pick. McCain will say literally anything to any group in order to get elected. Straight talk? Give that a rest. No one believes that crap any more. What America believes now are the words of our glorious leader that still squats in an office he was never elected to "There's an old saying in Tennessee--I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee--that says, fool me once, shame on--shame on you. Fool me--you can't get fooled again." You're damned right.......

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