Friday, September 19, 2008

Mr. Bush, Can You Explain A Few Things?

Watching three of the five largest investment banks in America either collapse or be bailed out to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, it crossed my mind today that this very same White House has time and time again slashed the piddly little budgets for the most vulnerable Americans of all. Namely the poor, the elderly, the disabled, the veteran, and the homeless.

Mr. Bush, can you explain to the nation why it seems to us Lilliputians that you have once again bent us over and fornicated us, and that when you were done, you allowed your Wall Street crime partners to use us all also? How could it be that when people were screaming from the roof tops that this was going to occur more than a year ago, we were labeled tin foil hatters? Could it be that during that year of further short selling of stocks, your cronies were able to rape the economy and make off with untold wealth? Is that why the Wall Street Journal was not worried in the slightest? because this was the plan all along? You know, to steal as much money as possible on your administration's way out the door, calling it a saving of the economy, when in reality it is little more than a strong arm robbery occurring right in front of everyone's faces?

Mr. Bush, can you please explain to our veterans that you sent off to fight in a false war why it is that you have consistently slashed funding for their health care, housing for their families while they were stationed overseas, and why you even managed to get your Pentagon lap dogs to declare that veterans benefits were "hurtful to our national security"? Why in Feb. of 2008, there wasn't enough money for the V.A., with you slashing the budget for the agency once again?

Mr. Bush, can you explain to us what would have happened to Social Security accounts had you gotten your way and privatized yet another social safety net program? Isn't it true that the entire program would be in complete collapse, with almost half of Social Security recipients losing virtually all of their benefits? Why in the world, do you think, that your successor, John McCain, is still advocating for the privatization of the only source of income for millions upon millions of our seniors?

Mr. Bush, how can it be possible that it's alright to allow the Federal Reserve Bank to print up money made up of thin air to bail out your friends, but yet again this year you cut the budget for education grants? What is backing up this miracle money, or haven't you figured out yet that this 'bailout' is going to cause inflation on a scale that will destroy many more American households?

Mr. Bush, why did you put forth yet another budget this year that slashed funding for housing programs, Americans with HIV, Medicaid, the Center For Disease Control, homeless shelters, food banks, child care assistance for single working parents, and yet there seemed to be a ton of money for corporate welfare programs that weren't cut at all, but actually had their share of the tax burden cut again?

Mr. Bush, can you explain to the residents of Nashville why they must endure the indignity of a virtual tent city near the outskirts of town? Or why this many years after the horror of hurricane Katrina, people are living in a tent city under a highway overpass? For that matter, explain to the people of Southern California why in Ontario there is a massive shanty town that consists of almost 1,000 people who have lost their homes, and why there are children being allowed to live in squalor and despair. Seattle may not have a tent city per se, but they sure have their own shanty town in the form of a 'car camp' for those fortunate enough to have been able to retain their vehicles during their own personal financial melt down. As a matter of fact, the Ballard area of the city is seeking out ways to build more camps due to the unusually high amounts of people needing a place to park their car to sleep at night.

Mr. Bush, do you have any words of comfort for the people of Oregon's Dignity Village, another Hooverville made up of a patchwork of tents and trailers? Is there a bail out in the works for them, or will you once more turn a blind eye to the suffering of your countrymen, even as you give away our nation's treasure to corporations once more?

Mr. Bush, as the victims of yet another hellish hurricane recoil at finding out their homes are completely gone, that they have lost everything they have ever worked for, and now live in temporary shelters with no plan in place to get them permanent housing, what is your economic stimulus plan to help them put their lives back together?

Mr. Bush, why is the silence so deafening when the subject of those who have lost their homes comes up, and why can't you find the money to help the newly homeless get themselves and their children off of the streets? Is it that you want to be known as the worst President in the history of our nation? The President who made Herbert Hoover the model for how he ran our country? A President so detached from the suffering of every day Americans, that he can cynically give a trillion more dollars to corporate interests that are not even American companies any more, (they're multi-nationals), but who will not turn to the nation and say that you are going to help the homeless, the poor , the sick, and the veterans of America as much as you've helped fatten the coffers of your corporate friends?

And knowing all of this Mr. Bush, how is it that you can expect reasonable people to vote into office your protege', John McCain, who is in a large way directly responsible for allowing this financial collapse to occur? Who even now lies about his position on the Commerce Committee, avoids any discussion of his role in the collapse of the Savings and Loan banks during the Keating 5 scandal he was embroiled in, and who can't remember that Spain is an ally of the U.S.?

Lastly Mr. Bush, you should remember this as you sit in your church pew and act as though you are a pious and devoted man of God. You should remember that you were supposed to help the poor, the weak, the sick, and the elderly, and that you did NONE of them. You gave the entire store away, you have turned the U.S. into a banana republic, and you have crushed the hopes and dreams of millions upon millions of Americans. May you rot in hell sir...................

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