Friday, September 5, 2008

A Noun, A Verb, And A P.O.W.

If Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden would just switch one part of his now famous phrase he used against Rudy Giuliani during the Democratic debates earlier this year, he could keep reminding the entire nation what the McCain campaign is really all about. Which is quite frankly, nothing but drilling for oil. Biden's slap down of Giuliani by way of his saying that all the ex-mayor's campaign consisted of was "A noun, a verb, and 9/11", was probably a contributing factor in Giuliani's losing the nomination for his party. Everyone loved it. Everyone picked up on it. And then everyone saw that's exactly what Giuliani's campaign really was.

Here we are now, faced with the exact same circumstance that we found ourselves in back when Giuliani was the front runner in the Republican contest. We have in John McCain yet another candidate who will say anything and pander to any group in order to get elected. His themes are almost identical to Giuliani's, except McCain can't boast about being 'America's Mayor'. (Giuliani is no more 'America's Mayor' than the Dallas Cowboys are 'America's Team'.)

But let's see what the criteria would be for Biden to be able to use this new and improved phrase when describing the McCain campaign's plan for change in our country. It's so simple that even McCain and his pit bull can understand it.

John McCain's Noun: Oil. Lots and lots of oil. There's oil in the Gulf of Mexico that Cuba and China are trying to steal from us, there's oil in the Alaskan Wildlife Reserve that the polar bears and the wolves refuse to hand over to us, there's oil in the Dakotas that we could be using if it weren't for that pesky Environmental Protection Agency. California doesn't mind if we ruin some more of their landscape around Bakersfield and Kern County, there be Oil in that there land! There's oil in Iran that we could be using, and by hook or by crook, if we need to bomb bomb bomb them back to the Stone Age to get at it, then that's exactly what we'll do.

John McCain's Verb: Drill. As in "Drill Baby Drill!" being chanted over and over and over at the Republican National Convention, live, in color, on national television and the web. McCain, having been perverted by this past decade of hugging oil barons like Dick Cheney and George Bush, has come to the conclusion that all America needs to do to solve ANY crisis is to start drilling. Drill in the Gulf of Mexico. Drill in the Alaskan Wildlife Reserve. Drill in the Dakotas. Drill in Manhattan if there's even a hint of a barrel of oil under the island. Drill until there's nothing left to drill and then drill some more is the only message of 'change' coming from McCain and the obnoxious little side kick he's dragging around.

John McCain's P.O.W. status: Shut Up. We know you were shot down over North Vietnam because you were hot dogging it. That makes you stupid for disobeying orders, not a hero, and certainly does not qualify you to be President of the United States. In every speech we heard coming out of the St. Paul, there was virtually not one that did not say the phrase P.O.W. at least once, many speaking ONLY about John McCain being a P.O.W. To hear McCain and his followers talk, one could easily get the impression that John McCain was the ONLY P.O.W. in the entire Vietnam war, and that he single handedly wrestled the torturers tools out of the hands of the enemy, thereby saving all the other prisoners that weren't there. Hyping your revisionist history as a P.O.W. only invites open discussion of the days that you spent there drinking tea and eating biscuits with your captors, and why there are groups like Vietnam Veterans Against McCain on the internet who call you no hero. Ones that were there with you. Other (gasp!) P.O.W.'s who claim you served with no honor and you aren't fit to lead a group of Cub Scouts let alone be Commander-In-Chief. You should also remind the public to go back and review the hearings in 1991 that you were part of, and which effectively cut off the searching for more P.O.W.'s It would have interfered with the re-election chances of Bush number one, who had done absolutely nothing to try to locate them. Ross Perot knows the truth about that one doesn't he?
And don't think that everyone has forgotten your days of being a criminal. The Keating Five scandal may have faded out of the media's peripheral vision, but we have not forgotten your role in the Lincoln Savings and Loan crash and burn. Nor the slap on the wrist you received from your fellow Senators.

This is the message from the McCain campaign. Their big plans for America. Drill Baby Drill. The agents of change who want to recycle the exact same programs of George Bush and Dick Cheney, only they want to wrap it in the flag of our nation and tell us it's something brand new. A new type of Republican Party, even as virtually every Republican that's responsible for the mess we are in, McCain and Palin included, sat front and center in the Convention hall. They want us to forget about George Bush and Dick Cheney, and how McCain voted along with the Bush Doctrine 95% of the time. That McCain himself is to blame for some of the legislation that has been shoved down our throats by the most evil Executive Branch in the history of the United States.

Legislation such as the Patriot Acts, the Domestic Spying bills, the Expansion of Police Powers, Gitmo, Abu Gharib, the Refusal to Protect Our Borders, the Slashing of Domestic Safety Net Programs, The Free Trade Deals, The Privatization of Social Security, the Medicare giveaway to the Insurance Companies, the Medicaid giveaway to the Insurance Companies, the Tax Cuts for the Rich, Wars Wars Wars, and the Deregulation of Corporate Rules that has contributed to the state of the economy and the high unemployment rate.

The agent of change who has Karl Rove advising him, Phil Gramm, the designer of the economic collapse as his behind the curtain economic adviser, Henry Kissinger whispering foreign policy into his and no doubt Palin's ears, and who seeks out the advice of Bush's people on affairs of state, and writes speeches for the neophyte who would be queen.

Joe Biden could go on and on about the great harm Mccain and his neo-fascist buddies have done to America, but he doesn't really have to does he? Because when boiled down to it's basics, besides standing for more of the same, the campaign of John McCain to become President of the United States boils down to three words. A noun, a verb, and 9/11, er, a P.O.W..............

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