Monday, September 1, 2008

Palin's Teen Daughter Pregnancy Is NOT Off Limits

Despite what Barak Obama and many in the corporate controlled media contend about the revelation (Ha! The Revelation!) by Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin that her 17 year old unwed teen daughter is pregnant being an 'off limits' topic, Americans have the right to decide for themselves what subjects are pertinent to a national discussion, and not have to sit and listen to talking heads tell us what we should and should not decide is an issue in the most important Presidential race in the history of our country.

This sudden departure and reversal of the 'family values' nonsense that the right wing has been shoving down our collective throats for over 30 years now, just dissipated into one big gaseous cloud of lies and hypocrisy, and do as I say, not as I do. The so called Christian Coalition and James Dobson's Hate Machine backpedaled so quickly that their bicycle spokes became entwined and the lies they've been telling for all this time are laid bare for all to see.

Since their inception, both Focus On The Family and the Christian Coalition have been responsible for many of the extremist laws foisted upon a complacent public. Laws such as Abstinence Only Education. And while they run around in their multi million dollar mega churches spouting off about that asinine accomplishment, they neglect to tell the rest of the story behind those pushed through when no one was looking laws. They forget to tell the public that a poll commissioned by both groups through Zogby International revealed that a full 88% of people under 65 felt it important for kids K through 12 to have a good knowledge and understanding of contraception and birth control along with the abstinence plan.

They decided that the poll was conducted wrong and forged ahead with their unholy crusade against the education and the safety of America's children by ignoring the results of a second poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, whose poll results were almost identical to the one commissioned by Focus On The Family and Christian Coalition. They completely ignored the AMA, ANA, AAP, IOM, a former Surgeon General of the United States, and over 100 other medical organizations that stood in opposition to their plan. If Governor Palin had paid more attention to people with actual medical degrees instead of hucksters with a degree in lying, her daughter wouldn't be pregnant.

And so, the rise in teen pregnancies can be laid at the doorsteps of both organizations, as well as the cowardly politicians who, being afraid of the far right, meekly voted to help destroy democracy in America. Not once. Not Twice. But over and over again. So the issue is not in any way off limits, and anyone who says so should start grazing on the grass at the meadow nearest their home. This issue stabs like a knife at the very core of what the right wing is running their campaign on. The so called 'family values' issue.

If Palin could not even control her own teen aged daughter enough to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, then how does that make her a more competent leader? Because the Republicans can't have it both ways here. If they say it was a planned pregnancy,as in the Governor knew about it before hand well, that would be criminal would it not? So, no, it had to be unplanned, and that would mean that Palin's concentration on her career caused her to devote too little time to her family values. Hence, a pregnant daughter. So why are the far right wingnuts from the two groups not screaming from the rafters about this? Because they're hypocrites of the worst kind.

In a 1998 article in the New York Times, Pat Roberston and Ralph Reed decreed ''Character matters, and the American people are hungry for that message. We care about the conduct of our leaders, and we will not rest until we have leaders of good moral character.'' That being the case, and accepting Ralphie at his word, then the story in the AUG. 31st, 2008 edition of the Huffington Post wherein Palin was on a right wing radio talk show earlier this year laughing at a vile attack on a political opponent should help old Ralph and James change their minds. The jock called Palin's opponent a b***h and a cancer, made fun of Palin's rival's weight with Palin laughing like a hyena. Great family values there.

You see, it goes like this. The Republicans, hoping to avoid yet another scandal decided to put the pregnancy out there, but then decried anyone even talking about it. They suckered the Democrats into silence on the hypocritical stance by claiming it to be an internal family matter. Que the buzzer. Annnt! Wrong answer. Absolutely nothing is off limits when it comes to a question of whether or not a person is fit to hold the second highest office in the land. And it can not be off limits when you are accepting the endorsements of two organizations responsible for some of the most draconian legislation since the Quaker days. Especially when both of those organizations do a complete flip flop on their 'family values' issue in order to accomodate their political puppets.

And so, it comes down to what are the real Republicans in this country going to do? It would seem by now to be obvious that the organizations that have hijacked your Party will do and say anything to retain power, even if it goes against their own stated positions. Deep down we all know that's a crock, as is the clarion call to respect the privacy of the Palins. Sure. Drop out of the race, and it won't be an issue any longer. Because the far right wingnuts may well wish to heed the words of Randy Tate, the Christian Coalition's Executive Director back in 1998. ''The moral crisis we now face is so obvious everybody sees it. ''Let me offer a small piece of advice to any candidate who is on the wrong side of the values issue. You are going to have one big problem on Election Day.'' Truer words indeed Mr. Tate, truer words indeed..................

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