Monday, September 22, 2008

A Plea To MSNBC On Behalf Of Troy Davis

Dear MSNBC, since Troy Davis is incarcerated in Georgia and sentenced to die Tuesday for a crime that he did not commit, he can not write to you himself. So I'm doing it for him.

Found guilty of the murder of a police officer more than 15 years ago on the testimony of nine witnesses, seven of those same witnesses have recanted their testimony, and in fact have pointed the finger of guilt towards one of the other two remaining witnesses. The seven have all said that they were coerced into giving false testimony by police at the time, with threats of bodily harm, or incarceration themselves.

And so, Troy Davis has been fighting this battle for his life all this time, pretty much out of the sight of the public. With the exceptions of Amnesty International, who has written an extensive report on his case, and the N.Y. Times, there has been almost no coverage whatsoever of the fact that the State of Georgia does not care hat Troy Davis is innocent. They're going to murder him any way. The school of thought is that he was convicted, it doesn't matter if there is overwhelming evidence of his innocence, and that since it's not Unconstitutional to execute an innocent man, they're going to proceed as scheduled. That is, unless they get a spotlight shone on them, which is what the Davis family desperately needs.

CNN tried to gain access to Mr. Davis, but was rebuffed by prison officials, and so they dropped the story. No profit in a story of an innocent man if you can't talk to him, I know. But just this one time, will MSNBC step up to the plate and make a few phone calls, or fly someone to Georgia to try to interview state lawmakers or someone before it's too late. We all know that when the mainstream media gets involved, the powers that be are a little more willing to take a step back.

No less than Pope Benedict, the European Union, and Bishop Desmond Tutu have tried to intervene on behalf of Troy Davis, but alas, we all know what good that will do. The U.S. and especially it's government, do not appreciate being told what to do by foreigners. But the one thing they fear more than anything in the world is bad publicity, and that's exactly what MSNBC has the power to give them.

So, on behalf of all of those who have been trying to shine a light on a tragedy about to happen, I humbly ask that you write this story up, get it on the air, demand accountability from Georgian officials, and help us to stop the execution of an innocent man. It used to be the train of thought that better for ten guilty men to go free rather than one innocent man be executed for a crime he didn't commit, but in these troubling times, the adage has turned on itself to mean that they would rather execute ten innocent men/women, rather than allow one guilty person to go free.

Hell, they rather just execute ten innocent people period, and if that's the country we have reduced ourselves to, can the complete collapse of our society be far behind. Help us, MSNBC, to help Troy Davis. Just once, put profit to the side, and do the right thing. You'll forever be remembered as the network that went out on a limb to stop an innocent man from being killed. The network that hears the voices of it's listeners, mainly us, and took action when everyone else was afraid to.

Because if this case does not get immediate publicity, they will kill Troy Davis, period. Innocence doesn't matter to these people. A cop was killed, and so they are sure as shoot going to kill someone back, even if that someone is an innocent man. Ain't that America, it's something to see baby....................................

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