Monday, November 26, 2007

Taking Back America

In order to give any sort of analysis on what must be done to reverse the damage done by the Bush Administration, one must first truly take a look into the havoc he has caused. Without even going into the Patriot Acts, or other declarations and signings made by the President that erode out freedoms, all we need look at is the damage that has been to our middle class, and it becomes obvious what the cynical agenda has always been for this administration. The destruction of our country.

By using the so called 'fast track authority' given to him by the then Republican controlled Congress, our President has signed 'free trade' deals with Canada and Mexico that effectively erode the sovereignty of the United States. Already building the Texas Superhighway, that stretch of road will eventually lead from southern Mexico to northern Canada, eliminating the borders of our three countries, and creating the North American Union. Do you suppose that's why they're only paying lip service to anything that resembles border security? The Democrats have not only refused to take this 'fast track' authority away from Bush, but openly encourage an open border policy. Two parties. One voice. And it's not for the American people.

In one of the biggest ripoffs ever conceived in this nation's history, the plan to privatize Social Security moves forward quietly behind the scenes in such a way that no one even notices it. Looking across the country, all one needs to see is that in many states, it is the insurance industry that now runs almost every aspect of medical care for recipients of Medicaid and Medicare. What used to be an ordinary trip to the doctor, now must be cleared through an HMO, with the HMO directing the doctor on what medicines they will pay for and what they won't. The states that subscribe o this massive scam now charge the recipients of Social Security and in most states that have this plan the recipients of welfare, what they all a 'nominal charge' to visit the doctor, or to receive prescription drugs. This 'nominal charge' can pretty much ensure that the person for whom the medical aid was intended, will never receive it, because for what little programs such as Social Security and welfare actually give to recipients, how are they supposed to afford co-pays? The entire idea behind the programs was to give relief, not become a burden on those it's intended to help. But, the insurance industry makes sure to give big dollar political donations, so no one wants to reverse this hideous rip off of the poor.

During the Bush years, we have had fiats proclaiming some workers not eligible for over time, the erosion of the people's ability to form unions, more trickle down down economics, ( the theory being if you give a ton of money to the rich, it'll trickle down to the rest of society, only that doesn't happen.), we even had a declaration that workers going to the areas affected by Katrina were not protected by minimum wage laws, while at the same time, the corporations have enjoyed the windfalls of massive tax breaks, along with the largest subsidies, (read corporate welfare), in the nation's history.

Where am I going with all of this? Simple. If they can effectively bankrupt the nation by outsourcing our jobs, spending every dime they can get their hands on, destroying the very tax revenue we use to run the country, thereby running up these obscene deficits, they can then point and say "We can't afford to keep all of these social programs, privatize everything!" And the people, fearing a collapse, become willing to sacrifice their own self interests, while these hyenas laugh in your face.

So what to do? The answers are right in front of us. First, before anything else, we need to start paying attention to what these guys are up to. They are pitting us against each other every single day. They pit white against black by telling white people that blacks are getting all the good jobs, without mentioning they shipped all of the jobs to China, India, Thailand, Pakistan, etc. They tell working class men that it's women stealing their jobs, pitting gender against gender, race against race. They tell us it's all the gay people who are destroying this country, while half of them are gay themselves! Or it's abortion, or some other triviality. Thereby fueling a fire that has nothing to do with the way our country is being run. And distort the Constitution of our country, (what's left of it), by declaring that if you're against an integration of church and state, against domestic spying, or against pre-emptive war, you must be anti-American. Does anyone really believe this garbage?

The middle class and the poor need to fight back by taking the power away from these madmen. Vote for someone who will work in YOUR interests, and not the interests of the few at the top.

Make them restore 40 hour work weeks for everyone, the right to join a union, and over time pay for everyone.

Force them to abandon this North American Union idea, before there really are no borders, or any jobs left at all.

We need a single payer health care system, whether you believe it's socialised medicine is irrelevant. Wait till you or yours gets sick and the insurance company tells you that it's an 'experimental' treatment, and they're not paying.

Rebuild the infrastructure of the country by creating good jobs that are dedicated to rebuilding bridges, roads, mass transit, and affordable housing for all.

We need a new New Deal in this country, and we have yet to hear more than platitudes from those running for President. The only way to take back America, is to demand that our elected officials hear us and understand hat we are serious. Get those questions before the candidates at he next debates, both Democratic and Republican, and let's hear their answers. Batmanchester

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Screw the Republicans.