Monday, November 5, 2007

Romney's Debacles

In looking behind Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, it quickly became obvious to even a casual observer that Romney has left a trail of wreckage wherever he went. Whether it was in his business dealings, or government service, there are plenty of people's lives that have been destroyed by the callous disregard for human decency exhibited by this slickster. That powerful statement is backed up by facts, and that's what we're going to take a look at now. Ready to read another book? Ok. Good. Let's turn the page.

One particular item kept popping up in various research that I was doing, and everything kept pointing to fraud, bribery, law breaking, theft, and witness intimidation. Mitt Romney has studiously avoided talking about his time as owner of Bain Capital, which was before he ran for Governor of Massachusetts, but we're going to rip that old sore wide open. The media won't, so we must.

In 2001, the online company known as was filing for bankruptcy. The Court appointed the law firms of TBF for the creditor's counsel, and MNAT to the side of the debtor's. Hired as what we would call a middle man, was the firm CLI, owned by Steven Haas. Haas's job was to facilitate the liquidation of eToys assetts. Sounds simple enough so far. Not so. In order to save space, I won't bore you with details, but to say that Haas got the proverbial shaft doesn't do this story justice. The original plan put forth by the courts was to sell off all of eToys assests for 5 million dollars, but Haas managed to auction it for 45 million, fully expecting his cut, which would have amounted to 3 million dollars. It never worked out that way due to one person, yes, that's right, Mitt Romney. See, unknown to Haas, Barry Gold, working under Romney at Bain, was also working for TBF, the creditor's counsel. This clear conflict of interest was brought up by Haas, who was offered a bribe of 800,000 dollars to go away. He refused, and went to the Dept. Of Justice, who stonewalled an investigation while TBF went ahead with their plans to finish selling off eToys assets to Bain (owned by Romney), for tens of millions of dollars less than Haas had arranged. Mr. Haas, to this day, has been after DOJ to investigate, but even after several of the players in this shill game were exposed and confessed to perjury,among other charges, DOJ still refuses to investigate, which is their responsibility under the bankruptcy laws. Who would have the clout in this game to stop a DOJ investigation? You figure that one out.

To this day, Romney refuses to disclose his assets concerning Bain, or it's offshore credit affiliate, SanKaty Advisors. How much of that money is Romney not paying taxes on? Full disclosure? Hardly.

Moving on to the Romney campaign for Massachusetts Governor, we can look at all of his neo-con talking points about fiscal responsibility, reducing taxes, all without cutting core services, etc. Once in office, the shell shocked people of the Common Wealth soon found out what a neo-con means by fiscal responsibility. Romney proceeded to do the exact opposite of what he promised and slashed local services, decimated the budgets for human services, public safety, education, elderly prescription drug coverage, homeless services, and other critical areas. When even the Massachusetts Taxpayer Foundation started to try to reign in Romney's reckless disregard for his fellow man, he went on his 'sales pitch' reform tour, but the people of Massachusetts weren't buying. At the same time he was doing all of this, he cut taxes for the wealthy in Massachusetts.

But Mitt wasn't done yet. He shoved 'Universal Health Care' down the throats of the people of his state, and forced it through the state legislature. What it is, and is now being dismantled as quickly as possible now that Romney is gone, is a huge giveaway to the insurance industry that paid to elect him Governor. This plan dictates that if you live in the state of Mass. you must have health insurance, whether you can afford it or not. This is also the plan that Hillary wants to bring to the entire nation, and of which I wrote about several months back. When this plan was shoved through, Romney became hated by the people of the surrounding states, because this plan of his was devised as a cynical way to get the poor to leave Mass. and go into neighboring states. And that's exactly what happened. People were having to choose between paying health care premiums, especially after Romney tore up the laws, and deregulated the Mass. insurance industry, and buying food, or paying rent. The penalty for not having insurance became 1,000 dollars, higher than the fine for most misdemeanor crimes in the state. He so decimated the available money that was to go to something called the Free Care Pool, designed to make sure no one got caught in this three card monte game, that now Governor Deval Patrick is trying to figure out a way to save the program, but admits it may have to be eliminated. Which will drive even more people into neighboring states. Good job Mitt.

Never mind the fact that as an owner at Bain Capital, Romney helped to puts literally untold thousands of Americans out of work. He accomplished this by buying out ailing companies, (in much the same way that Carlyle does,) bulking up their portfolios, then selling them out at an inflated price, which causes the collapse of the company and closing it's doors. The list of companies is quite long, and can be easily researched by anyone with a mind to do so.

The list of complaints about Romney goes on and on and on, but one place, that just looks at the tip of the iceberg, is a blog roll of Romney's deeds and lies located at romneyisafraud dot blogspot dot com.

Analysis? Mitt Romney is a charlatan, who will say anything that a particular audience wants to hear, but once he gets what he wants, he does the exact opposite. Even his campaign itself offers nothing of substance, but sticks to the tired talking points rally cries, which are decieving, and just meant to fire people up over nothing. This guy would be a disastrous President, period. If you'd like to know some more about good old Mitt, read the Oct. 19th edition of Rolling Stone. The story on Mitt Romney in the Politics section is quite compelling, and easy to read. That story, in and of itself, should give all Romney supporters pause. No. Sad to report, Romney is just not the one. Batmanchester


Anonymous said...

Romney is a fraud is ... redundant.

Henry V.

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We appreciate the efforts by concerned citizens in getting the truth out about fraud and corruption.

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