Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Silencing Of Mike Gravel

Once again there will be a Democratic debate in which the corporate owned mainstream media has decided who we will be allowed to hear from, and whom they deem as not profitable enough to their bottom line. So the silencing of a candidate for the office of President of the United States continues during CNN's much ballyhooed debates Thursday evening. Even during past debates, Gravel has been practically ignored by the media, mainly concerned with furthering their corporate masters interests, proven during recent debates by their attempts at marginalizing candidates that are starting to receive more attention than corporate Amerika feels comfortable with.

Since the media won't give you the facts about Mike Gravel, maybe it's time you were able to hear what he stands for, and what he offers should his long shot candidacy ever succeed. Bear in mind that this has become a race for the White House based solely on who can buy it the most successfully, and the admen have decided that Mike Gravel won't be spending enough on television or print spots to deem him worthy of consideration.

Taking the pulse of Mike Gravel is fairly easy for anyone inclined to do so, without the standard label of 'nutjob' bandied about by those opposed to what he brings to the table, by simply following what he has to say online. Fiery and fed up with the status quo, Gravel's message is as compelling to ordinary Americans as any of the so called top tier candidates.

One of his most important stances, and of concern to almost every one of us who use the Internet to express ideas, communicate with others around the world, buy and sell, or further the exchange of free flowing information, is his opposition to anything that seeks to stifle or control the Internet. We are already seeing the attempts by the corporations to take over the Internet, with the buyouts and outright suppression of sites that facilitate the free flow of information, and Gravel wants to put a stop to it. Strike one against Gravel by the corporate owned media.

Strike two against Gravel comes as he advocates for true Universal Health Care. He wants every single American to be covered by a system of vouchers paid for by a sales tax. The coverage would be free for ALL Americans, eliminating the current system whereby insurance companies dictate the treatment you receive, and the medications that you are allowed to have, end running doctor's decisions. Well, the insurance industry, which donates millions of dollars, and employs armies of lobbyists, just can't have that now can they?

But strike three against this provocative thinker, who was instrumental in ending the draft in case you didn't know that, is his idea that we the people should have a government that represents us. And that we the people should have a say in what laws are passed. Why, the audacity of the man! The criminals who now decide things in secret, without any input from the people, absolutely shudder at the thought that the people may actually come to terms with the fact that we no longer have a government that represents what we want. Gravel says what a lot of us have been saying lately. That we need a National Initiative, whereby citizens can easily have ballot initiatives. That would take the power from the elites, and give it back to the people, but that can not be allowed if globalization and the further erosion of our civil rights is to march forth.

The funny thing is, Mike Gravel is actually for what most Americans are concerned about. Health Care for everyone, not just those who are in a position to pay for better care. Education strengthening, and not the dumbing down of the populace. Ending the war. Leaving alone a woman's right to choose. Stopping the raiding of the Social Security Trust Fund to pay off the debts incurred by free spending politicians. Increasing spending on Veteran's Affairs, making sure that vets are not left homeless on the streets of our nation. Getting rid of NAFTA and the WTO. And finally, the biggest no no of all. Ending our dependence on oil completely.

I don't know about you, but these issues are what everyone talks about all over the net already.

Furthering people's misconceptions about Mike Gravel are the constant playing on television of portions of Gravel's now infamous YouTube video, where he throws a rock in a lake. But what they don't do is show you the entire video, nor play the soundtrack that accompanies it. Watch the entire two and a half minute video, and see if you can figure out what the message is he's trying to convey. It's so obvious, and so, so, well, so un status quo, that it had to be crazy in the eyes of our responsible fourth estate.

Finally, in a nation that espouses the right of all to be heard, there should not even be a hint of censorship in a debate for the highest office in the land. But that's what this is, pure and simple. It is the explanation that if you are not rich, are not one of the 'elite', and can not afford to buy the office, then don't even bother running, or we'll ignore you. Don't rock the boat, make waves, (like in the afore mentioned video), or you'll be silenced. So while MSM is showing their made for television debates, with questions designed to make some candidates look good and others hit with the most inane, idiotic questions ever asked of a candidate running for President, Mike Gravel will have his own commentary going on his own site, live and at the same time. Maybe we should have both going at the same time, and show MSM we are fed up with the rigged game they are trying to play, by giving Gravel's site a million or more hits Thursday night.

Oh, and I don't think Gravel has seen any UFO's lately, but Carter has, Reagan warned against an invasion that could unite the world, and former Arizona Governor Syminton did. Let's rock the boat Thursday with Mike Gravel, and maybe, just maybe, we can rock the vote along with it. Batmanchester


ryanshaunkelly said...

Gravel kucinich paul nader perot carter [conyers?] united for truth elicit fear smear blacklist.

Honesty compassion intelligence guts.

No more extortion blackmail bribery division.
Divided we fall.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least Gravel and Kucinich speak truth to power!

Elliott said...


Please contact me at elliott@gravel08.us. Does the Manchester refer to Manchester, NH?

Elliott Jacobson
National Field Director
Gravel 08

Elliott said...

To Batmanchester

Does "Manchester" refer to Manchester. NH?

Elliott Jacobson
National Field Director
Gravel 08

Poot Pooterly said...

More rehashed 3rd tier news items of no concern to anyone. Your predictable and bland commentary gives me some Hot, Sour Farts.