Friday, November 23, 2007

Huckabee Would Be Worse Than Bush

Another one of the candidates emerging from the shadows to become a real threat to the 'top tier' GOP candidates is none other than Mike Huckabee of Arkansas. Ringing soundly with right wing 'Christian' voters, (the 'Christian' voters who call for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, say 9/11 was the fault of lesbians, gays, and well, you know the rest) is Huckabee's assertions that he would get Roe v. Wade overturned.

The gambit here is quite obvious, and hopefully will be seen through by voters across the country. Huckabee knows he has no chance whatsoever in the general election, and so he tries to concentrate all of his energy into the Iowa primary, hoping to finish with a surprise win, or at least a strong showing. In this manner, he can position himself for the Vice-Presidential nod, and should that happen, we are screwed once again. Here's why.

Huckabee makes absolutely no distinction between his brand of 'Christianity', and the Presidency of the United States. He strongly believes that his religion should be the ruling force behind everything he does. So, instead of a President who merely pays lip service to his religion running his life, we'd have a true fanatical right winger in the White House, with Pat Robertson making regular White House visits to consult with the President.

Under a Huckabee Administration, women would lose their right to choose, sending them back to the alleys, and coat hangar days. This decision was made years ago, but the wing nuts who want control over every aspect of your life just keep plugging away, hoping that someday they can pack the Supreme Court with like minded wing nuts. Oh. Right. They've already done that.

On health care, Huckabee advocates for the elimination of job based health benefits, opting instead for mandatory private insurance, whether you can afford it or not. That's Romney's and Hillary's plan, and it didn't work in Massachusetts, where they are struggling to dismantle Romney's boondoggle, so what in the world makes Huckabee support this? Could it be the insurance and medical industries that are paying big bucks into his campaign coffers?

Believing in globalization, Huckabee wants to cut Big Businesses taxes even more. Eliminating Social Security, the IRS, Medicare and Medicaid are also on the top of the list for Huckabee, another in a long line of candidates who are using the 'blame it all on the poor' game.

Unwavering and unconditional support for Israel will be the mantra of a Huckabee Administration. Despite the fact that we send 6 billion dollars a year in aid to Israel, and they use that money to suppress the Palestinian people, road blocking all chances for peace, this government has never truly taken the Israelis to account for their actions. So Huckabee would support Israel no matter what they did, like say, unilaterally bombing other countries.

Using the scare tactics of the last 6 years, Huckabee warns supporters of the Islamic threat to our freedom. Spouting the tried and true Rove party line of fear, fear, fear, and scare them to death political nonsense, he declares boldly that they hate us because we are a free people. What garbage! We're a little more sophisticated to fall for this one again.

But at least he's all for saving the Big Oil companies and Agri-Businesses. He actually believes that Americans should be using their tax dollars to increase the current corporate welfare system, while he advocates for dismantling programs for the poor. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Jesus say something about helping the poor? How 'Christian' like to take away what little they have now and give it to the rich.

But more than anything, at a time when our deficits are skyrocketing and our national debt is astronomically high, all we need to do is look at Mike Huckabee's record as Governor of Arkansas. During his time in Little Rock, the CATO Institute says that spending under Huckabee's administration increased at three times the rate of inflation, leaving yet another deficit in state coffers. This is what he wants to bring to the nation as a whole. More misery.

Combine all of this with his support of teaching creationism in public schools, disregarding scientific facts, and what we have here is another right wing fanatic, willing to say anything, promise anything, use religion, fear and scare tactics, and who talks to God on his cell phone. We don't need any more of this malarkey in this country. We need a drastic change of direction and Mike Huckabee only offers more of the same and worse. It is my sincere hope that all of those who are seeking alternatives to the 'top tier' candidates will see through Huckabee the Huckster, and not give this guy even a foot in the door. Batmanchester

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Huckabee is a nut.