Thursday, November 22, 2007

Driving Those Turkeys Crazy

While not your traditional Thanksgiving piece about family, love, huge meals, or how to cook them, this little ditty is still a story of being thankful for some of the happenings or about to happen events.

We can be thankful first and foremost today for the advent of the age of the internet. For without it, we would still be communicating our thoughts and ideas over telephone lines and fax machines, which means we'd still be in the dark about our world and what is really going on. With a nod to Bill Gates, Al Gore, or whoever it was that actually did invent the internet, (I could find out, but the Packers are playing soon, you do understand?), I thank you people and respectfully bow before the altar of my monitor.

Today, we're thankful that the nightmare of the Bush Administration only has a year or so to go, and hopefully we can undo some of the damage he has done. We'll be more thankful if the Congress would do more to keep him and his people in check, like impeaching them all. Luckily, the people are awakening, and driving those turkeys crazy via emails and petitions, and for that we should all be very thankful.

Today's football games are a great reason to be thanking the powers that be, because today's big game is actually a BIG game and not another bust of a dust up as in so many recent years.

Thanking some of the media would be in order also, for their sudden realization that the Saudis may not be our friends after all, they're just the Bush family's friends and business partners, which we have been confusing as one and the same thing since 9/11. Just ask the military. They know where most of the foreign fighters in Iraq are coming from.

The oil companies and OPEC deserve the entire world's thanks, as they are helping the environment by driving the price of oil through the roof, and making it harder to drive your car, thereby reducing green house gas emissions. Sure, they had to lie to us, and scam us into accepting the higher prices by suppressing the production of Iraq's oil, and getting the Saudis to go along with it, but don't worry, they're not done yet. Be thankful that it won't be until next year when gas goes to about $3.75 or $4.00.

Be glad and give thanks to the government of China for allowing us to have such cheap imports by being willing to enslave their own people. Now that's what I call progressing towards a new world order. Oh, wait. They took our jobs to do all that, as did India and Pakistan, but look on the bright side. Now you can learn to speak their languages in case you ever need customer service for anything. See? New world order, we're all one big happy family.

Thanking God or whatever deity you worship is also in order that we don't live in Sudan or Darfur, where a mass genocide is still going on despite recent advances by the African Union in getting everyone to sit down and talk. Al-Bashir plays his games and suckers the world once again, and the slaughter of the innocents continues unabated.

But most of all, today is the day that we can thank each other. For all of our faults, all of our misguided backing of the fool from Crawford, and all of our differences, we still come together with love and compassion in our hearts at least a few days out of the year. We even remember the poor and the homeless on these days, and some of us actually go and help out at a shelter or a church, and I suppose we must be thankful for that much. The poor would be a lot more thankful if we remembered them year round, and actually stopped the government from funding their wars by taking away from those who are the most vulnerable.

Not meaning to ruin your appetite, I'll close this by saying thank you to the rest of the country for still being America, and for recognizing that we are in trouble. And for getting involved in extraordinary numbers to try to stop the neo-cons from getting us all killed. Now it's time for some pumpkin pie. Yes. Before dinner. Only way to go. Batmanchester


Anonymous said...

Guess some people just can't take a day off huh Bat?

florenceinok said...

Rock the boat!