Friday, November 9, 2007

Discarded Toy Soldiers

The recent revelations in newspapers across the country about the treatment of Veterans in this, the land of the free, and the home of the brave, are also exposing the neo-fascists among us for their true nature. Having spent the last couple of days watching the postings to message boards across the range of political thought, the pattern is quite clear, and patently disgusting. Newspaper message boards, news site message boards, or just plain chat boards, all have these false Americans blaming the situation on the veterans themselves.
Most of this drivel sounds like a mantra, "Let these bums get a job, like everyone else." This callous, cold mentality, driven by those with the darkest of hearts, explains a lot about who we are becoming as a people. Not speaking of the ordinary citizen who can not afford to support themselves due to outsourcing, skyrocketing home prices, or the cost of fuel and even food, we're talking about men and women who have fought to keep this country safe, whether you believe in the wars overseas or not.
They answered the call, but came home to be tossed in the garbage heap, much in the same way that the poor of our nation are kicked to the curb, like used old toy soldiers. Who in their right mind would even dare to suggest that these fellow Americans deserve the treatment they're receiving? Well, the dying breed of neo-cons for starters. You know, the ones who have supported the Bush Administration's slashing of funding to help returning vets, even as he speaks platitudes to these same men and women every chance he gets. Slashed the service members' housing allowances. Slashed at the service members' medical benefits. Decimated programs designed to help vets reintegrate into civilian life, such as job training and mental heath services.
So we now have a crisis of wounded and scarred warriors roaming the countryside, with no one to turn to, and these insensitive sociopaths condemning them wherever they turn up. But yet, these same sociopaths will be the first ones screaming from the balconies to attack Iran, or any other country that dares to disagree with us. Just don't let them homeless veterans near me when they're done fighting my war for me. What chutzpah. What drivel. And how far removed from reality must they be to disrespect those who put their lives on the line so that we could all go to bed at night?
What job would you have them get? The ones that our dear leaders have given away to the rest of the world, or to illegal immigrants here at home? Maybe they should work at YOUR job, and you can trade places with them for a little while? Don't like that idea? Well, then keep your trap shut, and stop trying to dishonor those who keep you safe. Patriotism isn't only about waving the flag when it's convenient to you. When it's time to put on a dog and pony show intended to stir up feelings of nationalistic fervor. It's a much higher form of Patriotism to take care of your own, and in that department, we are failing miserably as a people.
Maybe it's time for these false Americans to put their efforts into something a little more useful than to condemn anyone who dares to point out the shortcomings that we are all guilty of, and DO something constructive. The first place would be to demand better treatment of our veterans. Batmanchester

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