Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Comparing Kucinich And Ron Paul

Dismissed as a radical by the mainstream media, Dennis Kucinich is slowly pulling in the numbers that his Republican rival Ron Paul has shown in recent weeks. Interestingly, no one in the media seems to be paying any attention. As recent online DFA polls show, Kucinich won the Democratic online straw poll with wide margins in almost every state except for Washington.

Yesterday, the impeachment vote introduced by Rep. Kucinich was actually killed by spineless Democrats who speak platitudes, but then have to get on with more 'serious' issues, such as letting Bush do anything he wants. They will rubber stamp his newest 'torture' nominee, Mukasey for fear of being branded as confrontational. Well, they proved that point yesterday didn't they? The Democrats were the ones who voted to shelve the impeachment of Cheney, while the Republicans actually did a turn around and changed their votes to allow the debate to go forward. It was a last second sucker punch to the Democratic stomach, done to show them up for the spineless losers they truly are. And it worked beautifully.

Kucinich has all of the same stances as Ron Paul when it comes to the Iraq war, the Federal Reserve, pulling out of NAFTA and the WTO, saving capitalism, free markets, and tearing up The Patriot Act. Unlike Ron Paul and his supporters though, Kucinich doesn't believe that one way to accomplish the restoration of the Constitution is by immediately ending Social Security, TANF, food stamps, housing vouchers, Medicare, Medicaid, and all other federal programs designed to prevent a return to the days of Hoovervilles.

On several web sites, Paul supporters advocate openly for the immediate destruction of all of these programs, an issue that even Paul himself has tried to keep out of the spotlight for fear of the repurcussions. When asked why they would want such extreme measures taken, their answer is always a little Hitleresque in nature. "let the poor fend for themselves, and they'll have to work like the rest of us," writes one supporter. That doesn't speak to the millions upon millions of Americans who work 40 or more hours per week, but must still depend upon some of these programs in order to survive.

We must also take a good hard look at this sudden upsurge in support for Ron Paul. Where is it coming from? Just one example should cause everyone who is thinking about jumping on this bandwagon to cringe in horror. The Texas Huffines Family. Plausible deniability can't even enter into this one, as Paul has held fund raisers at the Huffines palatial estate. But in order to understand this one issue, we have to look at who the Huffines family is. They like to present themselves publicly as 'lil ole Texas car dealers', when nothing could be further from the truth. To date, they have contributed in a skirt the election laws type of way, almost 1 million dollars to the Paul campaign. The Huffines family is extremely wealthy, and extremely powerful in Texas, owning not just a car dealership, but dealerships all over Texas, as well as real estate holdings all over the state. They have been politically connected for decades. But the scariest part is that they have always put their muscle behind the most extreme of candidates, such as Jon Cornyn, and George Bush. How did the Huffines donate all of this money and get away with it? Simple. They had every single member of the family, from the patriarch, to the unemployed children, from their employees, to their friends and neighbors, all donate the maximum allowable $2,300 each. The wives even donated, although they list themselves as unemployed.

But even were we to not look into this, there would still be the fact that Paul has been getting backing from some very strange places. Places and money he should be condemning, but doesn't. Such as the 9/11 Truth Movement, the hijacked by the extreme right movement that makes up stuff as it goes along. White Supremacist groups, Big Oil companies, and church groups that agree with Paul on his integrating church and state philosophy. See the June 5th, 2007 online edition of The Daily Kos and you'll see exactly who Ron Paul is and what he stands for. Also the Oct. 31st issue of Wired under 'Politics'.

I have been asking myself for the last few weeks why those who support Ron Paul refuse to even look at Dennis Kucinich. And the reasons became obvious the more I researched. Kucinich is Ron Paul with a heart. With compassion. With a sense of responsibility. He espouses virtually all of the same ideas as Ron Paul, but he also defends the down trodden and those who are disabled. In other words, he's human. Not forgetting also that he has been the only one, besides Feingold who has had the courage to stand up to this administration. Ron Paul hasn't. Ron Paul didn't introduce impeachment resolutions.

So here is the analysis. Ron Paul is another in a long line of far right wing fanatics, who will look the other way when it suits him, who will accept money and support from dubious sources, and will take this country back to the stone age. No stem cell research. No abortion. No gay rights. Let the Oil companies do as they please. Wants to repeal the Voters Rights Act of 1965. Voted FOR the Bankruptcy Bill, No to Universal Health Care, Wants to dismantle the Dept. of Education and the FDA, hates unions, and the list goes on and on. Yes. He's against the war. So? So is David Duke, Pat Buchanan, and many others. And so is Dennis Kucinich.

The difference is, Ron Paul would cause the suffering of millions of Americans as he leads us to a new Amerika. Dennis Kucinich has all of the exact same stances as Ron Paul, except he won't try the deceitful, tired old "Blame it all on the poor" game beloved by the far right. Maybe everyone on the Ron Paul bandwagon needs to actually research who these two are, what they stand for, and who has voted for what. Also, research who is actually backing each candidate, who is donating money, how it's being donated, and look for the same names to pop up again and again.

Research the issues, and see who's really wanting to lead, and who is seeking to further the Republican's most extreme agendas.

No. Ron Paul and his botnet supporters are not the ones. Dennis Kucinich is. Batmanchester

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