Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jail For Rove, Not 4th Estate

Not satisfied in bringing ruin and agony to the nation, former White House brain himself, Karl Rove, will begin writing columns for Newsweek magazine, and continue to do so throughout the campaign. Has our media lost it's mind? Or is this just more proof of the collusion between our fourth estate and the government?

Since when did being one of the biggest liars in the history of the country become a path that leads to the once sacred halls of truth telling? Are we supposed to believe that the Washington Post has any credibility after this unholy alliance? Karl Rove is a criminal, and despite objections by the far right fringe that's left in this country, we all know it.

The argument will now be, "Why wasn't he arrested if he's a criminal?" Very simple. because of actions taken by Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, and Rove himself to block investigations into any wrongdoing, much like the Senate is trying to cover up the fact that the telecom companies broke the law by spying on American citizens even before 9/11?

This obscene finger in the air to the American people must not be allowed to stand. In fact Newsweek editor Meacham says that he's doing his job if hiring Rove creates outrage. That's his intent here. To create outrage.

Forget the lies told by Rove, or that he's suspected of engineering election fraud on a national basis. Forget that Rove's disdain for the media was so clearly evident during his rule behind the scenes time at the White House. Forget the secrecy and refusal to testify before Congress, or acknowledge subpoenas. Let's remember that this man is a traitor no matter which way you want to slice it. This man was instrumental in outing a covert CIA agent, and whoever says otherwise is either a fool or a liar. But instead of being tried and jailed for all that he has done to harm the security of our country, for the damage he helped cause to our world wide reputation, this bottom feeding toad is rewarded by the very same industry that he jokingly referred to as not worth the time of day.

Newsweek and The Washington Post need to hear your opinions on this one, so please feel free to bombard them at Mailing Address:Newsweek251 W. 57th St.New York, NY 10019 or light up their switchboard at (212) 445-4000.

If the fourth estate wants to be the cheerleaders for criminals, then they should also know how you feel about it. And if the fourth estate continues this trend of hiring people directly from an administration that is the worst in U.S. history, then maybe we need a fifth estate to keep a check on them. Batmanchester

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Anonymous said...

Just another gig Karl is going to have to give up after the 5 million white house emails are turned over by the NSA to the Congressional Investigatory Committee looking into the judicial attorney firings scandal.

Another Bush White House Lie: The E-mails

Glad it wasn't Ann Coultergeist, seen enough of her smearings, at least Karl is a known divisive reicht-wingnut.

Congrats karl, enjoy it while it lasts...until the indictments and trials begin for obstruction of justice, conspiracy to defraud elections, not to mention illegal warrentless wiretapping, treason in outing covert CIA operations during a time of war, organizing the illegal 'iraq war' invasion and occupation, torture and war crimes and manipulating intelligence based on lies.