Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Straight Talk Express Is Full Of Crimes

Senator John McCain was one of those who investigated the claims made against disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramhoff. Although, even to this day, we the public are not privy to how many times Abramhoff visited the White House and whom he had meetings with, we all know in our hearts who it was.

McCain, being the most vocal and dogged in investigating Abramhoff, noted at the time the involvement of others in Abramhoff's rip off of the Indian casinos. Others such as Ralph Reed, who was the head of the Christian Coalition, but who was never charged with a crime. The scheme involved Abramhoff using the stolen money from the casinos to fund Reed's efforts to lobby Congress people and to grease a whole lot of palms. Since the scandal broke however, Reed has been anathema to all but a few of Washington's inner circle. A few that include John McCain.

A couple of days ago, Ralph Reed, who is touting himself as being an integral part of McCain's 'Victory Team 2008' emailed a group of big wigs about a big fundraiser in Atlanta for McCain. Netting almost $2 million, it was only at the last second after a few media outlets and online bloggers got wind of the affair and who was hosting it, that the McCain camp asked Reed not to attend the bash. Although the media who did report on the event asked the McCain people why Reed was scratched off the list, the question that should have been asked, but wasn't, was why was Reed, a disgraced co-hort of Jack Abramhoff, invited to work for the McCain campaign at all? Business as usual in the McCain surreal world of politics. The campaign in which the candidate doesn't speak for the campaign, but paid lobbyists do.

As if this in and of itself were not bad enough, those of us who, when McCain first announced, and then grabbed the nomination, knew, just knew that the media was going to eat this guy for lunch, have sat and listened to the deafening silence on Mccain's past, whether actual deeds, or rumors backed by testimonials. Not one word. Not a peep. (Well, Olberman mentioned it once)

So, it seems as though it's going to be the public who has to once again tell the story that the media will not tell you, even though it's all documented history.

John McCain is no war hero according to the men he served with aboard the U.S.S. Forrestall. According to seamen who were aboard the ship at the time there was an explosion and a fire that killed 168 people and wounded many more, it was all McCain's fault. McCain, who had already crashed several jets, was 'hotdogging' and 'wet' started his plane to startle the pilot behind him. The ensuing flames shooting out the rear of Mccain's jet 'cooked' and launched the M34 Zuni rocket from the rear F-4 that punctured the Skyhawk's fuel tank, knocked the M-65 1000, lb. bomb off it's 500 lb. rated mount, and touched off the explosions and massive fire.

The best part of the story that is not disputed by anyone, is that as the U.S.S. Oriskany started steaming towards the Forrestal to help, the first one whisked off of the ship by helicopter were not the wounded or the dead, it was John McCain. It pays to have your Daddy as the Admiral and Commander in Chief of U.S. Naval Forces in Europe. Admiral McCain had his hands full that year. He was busy covering up his son's involvement in the deadly Forrestal fire. He was covering up the Israeli attack on the Liberty, which we now know President Johnson said "I want that damned ship on the bottom!" (ie; A false flag attack) And he then had to deal with the fact that young Johnny got himself shot down on a bombing mission over North Vietnam.

There are several versions of John McCain's time as a P.O.W. in Hanoi. There is the version told most often by himself and the media. The story of a war hero, who bravely took enemy abuse and refused to be released until all of his fellow prisoners went with him. The Rambo of P.O.W.'s if you listen to all of the hype. It sounds almost as if McCain was the ONLY P.O.W. in the entire Vietnam war. He has reminded us of it every time he opens his mouth it seems, almost as though being shot down makes him qualified to be Commander-In-Chief.

But then we also have to examine what another group of former P.O.W.'s have been saying for years now. That McCain used his father's name and position to get the North Vietnamese to stop torturing him. That he was given favorable treatment after that, and that he discussed military things with his captors. Who knows who may have done the same thing? We know by now from our own torturing of prisoners, that they'll say and do anything to get you to stop. And this web site here: documents what they say are U.S. Government archives of McCain's time as a P.O.W.

What happened after McCain made it home and used his P.O.W. status and his Daddy's ties to carpetbag his way into becoming a Senator from Arizona? The most telling thing about John McCain and his character come from an affair called the Keating 5. George Bush himself raked McCain over the coals during the election of 2000 for his role in the Keating 5 scandal, noting that McCain couldn't be trusted because he'll say anything to try to weasel out of trouble. The part of the scandal that involved McCain was his going to bat with federal banking regulators that were investigating the Lincoln Savings and Loan Bank. He did this at the behest of what he called 'my constituent' Charles Keating, head the the Lincoln Savings and Loan. Keating was afraid that federal banking officials were going to seize the bank because of Keating's fraudulent activities, and he gathered together McCain and three other Senators to try to talk the regulators out of it.

McCain, to this day, although 'admonished' by the Senate Ethics Committee, denies any wrong doing. But the facts speak for themselves. McCain, the child of privilege, wasn't about to allow something like ethics or rules to stop himself from having a good time, and Keating knew it. He wined and dined McCain, he raised a total of $112,000 for McCain's campaign. Keating sent McCain on sunny vacations to Keating's elegant mansion in the Bahamas not once, but 9 times. The airfare alone came to almost $14,000. McCain, who knew that he had to disclose any such gifts and trips under House rules, never did. That is, until 1989 when he got busted. Yeah, we believe you John. Yet, the media has been giving McCain a complete pass on this and the other subjects above.

It almost seems as though the American media is terrified of the Republican Party. When Barak Obama's PASTOR, for God's sake, says something, it's front page headlines for a week. McCain has double talked, back spoken, flip flopped, lied, had his campaign manager tell the press that John McCain does not speak for the Mccain campaign, and what we hear from the talking heads, (again, except for Olberman), is silence. Who's he going to have as his V.P.? John Gotti Junior? You know, like either Lieberman or Romney. Same thing, different names.

Doesn't this election have to mean more than just a Party line vote? And if it does, can any self respecting Republican sit and look at the truth of what John McCain is really all about, which is a self centered egotistical time bomb, born with a silver spoon in his mouth and protected from his wrongdoings by others with the same silver spoons, and go and pull that lever in the voting booth with no sense or pang of conscience? If Republican voters can not bring themselves to vote for another candidate, such as Bob Barr, Obama, or McKinney, then morality itself would dictate that you just stay home.

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