Thursday, August 28, 2008

Right Wing Propoganda Machine In Full Stride

If one were to actually sit and dissect what the GOP has been hammering away at Barak Obama with, the tears of laughter would be almost uncontrollable. Not being able to tear away at the Democratic candidate on any of the issues, the Karl Roves of the Republican Party have decided to strike at the heart of the Obama campaign, and the place where they feel they can exploit an issue enough to change some voters' minds, his popularity.

On every right wing talk show, radio show, make believe political pundits such as Hannity, O'Reilly, and Limbaugh yesterday alone all told the story of the coming coronation of Barak Obama by 85,000 of his loyal subjects. Hannity even suggested that we might be witness to Obama coming onstage tonight in full Greek god regalia, and if THAT does happen, well, it would be a little much even for me.

But if you sit and listen to the reasoning behind the right wing arguments against Obama, the world gets a slightly off kilter feel to it. Everything turns upside down, and reality slips behind the curtain the right wingers put up. The fact that Obama drew 200,000 people to the old Berlin Wall is a reason not to vote for him they cry. Our allies love him so he must be no good!

Pointing out at every chance they can that Obama draws huge crowds where ever he goes, such as the Portland, Oregon event that drew almost 100,000, is only more proof as to how bad Obama is for the country. How's that again? And the fact that 85,000 more people who only wish to see a real President in the Oval Office again will be showing up for the Invesco Field acceptance speech proves that Obama is just a rock star and a celebrity. He's too popular!

Ok. Hold the phone there Mutt and Jeff, er, Mitt and Rudy. Your candidate drew a total of 2, count them, 2 people to an event he attended. His crowds range in the hundreds, (except for the crowds he has to go looking for, such as Sturgis, where he offered his wife up for all sorts of lascivious goings on) because no one wants to come out and listen to some senile old fool who thinks the country is doing just swell, the war in Iraq was the right decision, wants to bomb Iran, the Soviets, (well, ok, the RUSSIANS then), thinks outsourcing all American middle class jobs is peachy, and believes American children just get too much a dat education stuff, so we'll do away with that Department. What did I miss? Besides his voting along with Bush's policies 90% of the time?

So the American people are supposed to believe the people who took this country down the path of disaster, death, and destruction over those with a proven record of helping ordinary Americans try to reach for a better life. The neo-cons are standing behind the curtain crying out, "Don't vote for that guy, he'll only put YOUR best interests at heart!" "Vote for McCain and the Republicans! The corporations will love you lackeys, er, citizens for it."

That's what it has boiled down to really. They are reduced to arguing against Obama on the basis of his popularity. But on the other end of that spectrum, they then have to argue in favor of McCain because what, everyone hates him? The sad thing is, people will buy that drivel. I was in a taxi yesterday where the driver was listening to Hannity's lies and distortions. I asked him if he really bought into that line of crap, and he said with all seriousness that Hannity and Limbaugh were true patriots, and that all left wingers are out to destroy America. That as far as he was concerned, they should all be shot. I of course, didn't say another word for the rest of my trip.

And so we hear about the down played arrest of the men with sniper scoped rifles in Denver. Hunters? I doubt that very much thank you. But that's the mind set of the right wing, and especially the neo-fascists who see their grip on power and the laying waste of our economy slipping away from them. Do anything, say anything, twist words around to mean something else, and attack with red herring arguments, and some people will listen. Vote for the guy that no one likes, because somehow that makes him better qualified to be President. Oh, and did I mention that he was a P.O.W.? Like, the ONLY one in the entire Vietnam war? Having his plane shot down qualifies him to lead the troops don't you know?

Thankfully, their tactics are not working, and to the Democratic National Convention, I would say this: Screw the right wingers and their attempts to paint Obama as just a celebrity. They only wish they could draw crowds and excitement. They only wish that McCain would shut his mouth and let the campaign people speak for him. They know their time is over, and all of their cat calling is nothing more than the wailing of children who are about to have their toys taken away from them. Draw even bigger crowds. Fire the country up! As someone at the convention so aptly put it and you should adopt it as your campaign slogan "Wake Up America! Wake Up America! Wake Up America!"

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