Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I've Got Writer's Block Today

Having wracked my brains for a subject that hasn't been so over talked about that I would have actually written about something no one else has today, the cells in my frontal lobe began to melt and my hands then froze at the keyboard.

I couldn't think of anything that would be more important than some of the compelling stories of the day, something that by itself, would grab attention enough to warrant even bothering. And so, I'm writing this instead. Yes. It's an exercise in futility, but I'm doing it any way.

See, I was going to write about John McCain, and how Fox Noise is skewing their reporting again over a question asked by Pastor Warren that had to do with Supreme Court Justices. About how they put out a howling headline condemning Obama for saying he wouldn't have picked Justice Thomas, but they said very little about McCain's declaration that he would have cut all of the left leaning Justices.

The Keating Five scandal kept popping into my head as a subject that needs re-telling. Because the younger generation of voters has no idea that John McCain was one of five Senators that had a hand in the Lincoln Savings and Loan debacle.

Railing against the fascist neo-con agenda being shoved down our throats as quickly as they can get the paperwork done is always a great argument starter. Bush, knowing the Republicans are staring into the abyss this November, is trying to use the right turn exit lane, but he's got no turn signal on, so no one is even bothering to watch what he and his lackeys are up to. But I just didn't have the feel for it at the moment.

Mixed feelings about Russia's actions came to mind, but that situation being so fluid and volatile, I figured that by the time I wrote my opinion, the Russians would have either pulled out or taken over Poland. So I've decided to hold off on that one until the fog of war cleared a little more. But something about that situation tells me there's more than meets the eye. As in, did the Georgians go in and actually start killing civilians? Despite John McCain's paid lobbyist for the Georgian government, did the Russians act to stop a genocide from happening? Or are the Russians really the bad guys after all?

Speculation as to Obama's running mate is always fun, I mean, who cares who McCain picks? But then again maybe we better care who Mccain picks, because if they happen to steal yet another election, McCain's pick could end up as President! As far as Obama though, the fun has gone out of the guessing game. We all know it's going to be Joe Biden, a great and wise choice. Nothing to write about here either.

Dropping the drinking age to 18 in order to level the playing field has already been talked out, or is being talked out on message boards across the 'net. I can only add my support for the idea. Old enough to die, old enough for rye. Again, writer's block won't allow me to say more on this. Besides, (hic), I dropped my beer.

Lobbyists have spent over $600 million so far in 2008, with the drug, oil, and insurance industries being among the top five in spending to protect their interests at the public's expense, but no one wants to crunch the numbers to see just how much corruption there really is, so I'll do it and get back to you another day.

As the McCain campaign begins to use the tactic of trying to paint Obama as being too 'French', whatever in the hell that means, I could write about the fact that 10 of those 'French' soldiers died today in Afghanistan. A place forgotten by most, but where soldiers from many nations fight alongside America in an attempt to honor their commitment to NATO, and yes, to protect the United States. Even the 'French'.

Pakistan's Musharaff finally released his grip on the helm of Pakistan, throwing the country into chaos as everyone tries to get a slice of the freshly baked pie. Hopefully cooler heads prevail and no one has an itchy nuclear finger. But I'll write about that after things settle down some and I can come out from my underground bunker again.

I could have also ranted about not having $5 million. I'm off by a few million, and so, I imagine I must be poor. It so upset me to find out that I was living in abject poverty, that it actually was the cause of my writer's block today.

So, since there's nothing to write about, and I just realized how poor I really am, I think I'll start a Search For The Silver Surfer company, and I can stage sightings all over the world instead of being limited to just one area of the United States like those Bigfoot guys. Imagine the tours of craters that were made by the infamous alien being, the best part being that when naysayers tell my clients that there's no such thing as The Silver Surfer, I can say "Prove it." Now you know why it's called writer's block.

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