Monday, August 11, 2008

Both Parties Play Hardball With Convention Protesters

One of the most fundamental freedoms that Americans have enjoyed, the right to free speech, is under attack from not just one of the Parties that are holding their Conventions soon, but by both. The heavy handed tactics by the Republicans and the Democrats in their attempts to keep protesters away from the sight and hearing of the delegates may be backfiring on them if recent polls are correct.

Having endured almost eight years of dictatorial conduct by the Executive Branch, Americans are angry and seeking respite from the stifling atmosphere of police state mentality. One would think that both of the major Parties putting forth candidates would clearly understand this, but judging from the actions taken by their surrogates, it becomes clear once more that neither Party has a clue nor a care as to the wishes of every day America.

Beginning on August 25th, the Democratic National Convention, to be held in Denver, has won their case in court to push demonstrators behind a 'freedom cage', an area set up in a parking lot more than 200 feet from the Pepsi Center, and surrounded by barbed wire topped chain link fence. Even as DNC coordinators try to slap us with the old 'it's for their own safety' line, and point out that megaphones will be available, they were also forced to concede that most delegates wouldn't be going past the protesters in the first place, being driven by bus or limousine directly into the arena itself. Or in other words, no one is going to see the protests except, well, the protesters. The Colorado ACLU has dropped all appeals to the ruling, saying the small victories they had won, such as protesters getting permits in a timely manner, were probably the best they were going to get.

Top this off with the Tickets To Nowhere program cooked up by the DNC to rid the streets of Denver of all of those inconveniently unsightly homeless people, and what you end up with is little more than an out of sight out of mind stamping out of free speech and free movement, no other way to put it. Citing 'terrorism' concerns will do the trick every time these days it seems.

Flip the coin to St. Paul on September 1st, and one can easily see the coming crisis. The Republican National Committee has done everything in it's power to thwart protesters from even receiving permits to march. Trying to force protesters to be at least several blocks away, out of sight and earshot of the delegates, and having failed, the RNC tried another tactic. Sicking the little known federal agency innocuously called the Community Relations Service on several peace groups and activists for the poor, the RNC hoped to at the very least have federal agents embedded within the protest groups. Claiming to be there to 'help better co-ordinate' the marches and protests, the CRS became extremely irate when they were turned down flat.

Pointing out something that this author has pointed out several times over the past three months, the CRS told the various groups point blank that unless they accepted CRS infiltration of their groups, that they should bear in mind that the St. Paul Police Department has just purchased 347 new tasers in addition to the 134 already on hand. An implicit threat if ever there was one, the groups told the CRS where to go. CRS now says that anything that happens at the RNC to the protesters will be the fault of march coordinators. In other words, get ready for a blood bath in St. Paul, because there is chatter of some protesters declaring they won't go down so easily, some saying they'll be wearing body armor. It wouldn't seem to do much against tasers, but it's something.
People from all walks of life wish to protest against the Iraq war, the economy, the liberals, the neo-cons, Bush, Cheney, and the entire criminal regime. They want to rage against the machine and in their wisdom, the Founders ensured that this right could never be taken away by anyone unless we allowed them to.

Of course, freedoms are an acceptable loss as long as the politicians that are supposed to work for us don't have to hear our whiny little voices complaining about their criminal conduct and corruption aren't they? Or ask them stupid little questions about the missing $27 million dollars from the federal government to the RNC for security? Oh. You didn't hear about that one yet? Seems the RNC can only account for $23 million dollars of the $50 million dollars in taxpayer money that went to each Convention for security. But, they assure us that nothing untoward has happened, just like Bremer did with the missing $12 billion dollars that disappeared from Baghdad International Airport. We just must be dumb or something. Tin foil hatters.

So, as Americans who are practicing democracy get tasered by the hundreds along the streets of St. Paul so the rich politicos can party in peace, and the homeless of Denver wonder what they're doing in Colorado Springs so the elitist sons of bitches can whoop it up at Mile High Stadium, maybe it's finally time for Americans to look at this asinine one Party with two branches system, and decide how we're going to start putting forth third, fourth, and fifth Party candidates. How we end this tyranny once and for all, because as every election cycle passes with nothing being done, these people fear the populace less and less, and their march towards stamping out the light of freedom once and for all gains speed, just like a snowball rolling downhill. Demand these unConstitutional practices be stopped, or be prepared to hand over your papers the next time you are asked by any local, state, or federal persona. Run for office yourself as a third Party candidate, or back someone else who is. The old saying of together we stand, divided we fall has never been more apparent, and God help us all if we allow the upcoming evangelical push to put the gay marriage, abortion, etc. issues back in the voting booth. Because that's just around the corner along with the suppression of free speech and right to assemble, and as we all know, it's hard to fight a flanking maneuver when a bull is charging at you front the front. Get involved and call your Congress person today.............................

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