Thursday, February 7, 2008

Your Papers And Password Please

Just in case anyone missed the story in the Washington Post, and featured on MSNBC's web site, I'll run it down for you in quick step. The story deals with the issue of security personell at airport security checkpoints here in the United States, demanding access to personal laptop computers, passwords and all, before allowing people to board their flight. The searches included the downloading of all web sites visited by the computer. No warrant. No suspicion of a crime being committed. Just, your papers and your password please. Included in these unconstitutional searches are children who have MP3 players, whose songs are downloaded for some reason, and people's cell phones being taken so that phone numbers to and from it can be copied and stored.
On top of this story, we also read yesterday (or you should have) about the F.B.I.'s newest billion dollar grant to start a program that will biometrically store information on people, such as facial features, retinal scans, medical records, and much more.
Somehow I don't recall any of this being passed in front of the People to get their input on any of this stuff, it was just done. Of what possible use is any of this to fighting the war of terror? Are terrorists flying in and out of the U.S. on such a regular basis that the Bush administration feels the need to further violate the Constitution's protections against unreasonable search and seizure? Or is this all just more of the far right's plans to complete hold up to scutiny every single aspect of our lives?
Because if these measures were truly about preventing terrorism, they would have started on our southern border first. They would be doing something about the area in South America known as the Three Corners, that borders Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina, where they know that terror suspects wander the streets with impunity. In Ciudad del Este, on the Paraguayan side of the Parana River, Dark skinned Arab men regularly buy Paraguayan passports, which they use to enter Mexico.
From Mexico, where everyone is on the take, they obtain Mexican identification, passports, etc. and cross the U.S. border. If caught, they can claim to be Mexican, and get sent back to Mexico, only to try to cross the border again.
But this danger doesn't seem to worry this administration at all. They're more concerned with what's on your cell phone, your computer, and your child's MP3 player than any actual threat. They're more interested in data basing your face, your phone calls, your purchases, your medical data, your DNA, and every other aspect of your life, than they are in any threat from the boogeymen.
Fourth Amendment? Bah! We don't need no stinking Constitution! The President himself said so!
As our democracy fades away into a distant memory, and the fascists from the far right impose more and more restrictions on our lives, at what point do the American people say that we've had enough? Because make no mistake about any of this. They are leading us down the path to a police state faster than you can keep up with it all. So what are you prepared to do about any or all of this. Will you email your Senator? The White House? Or will your complacency spell the beginning of the end of the America we all knew and loved, in favor of a nation that oppresses it's people, and is feared the world over?
Other nations are arming themselves to the teeth to prevent us from attacking them. Is this the America we want? Social programs are being decimated, causing untold misery, sickness, hardship and even death. Have we become so immune to the suffering of others?
Our fathers and mothers fought and died in a war so great and so violent, that we as a nation swore to never allow anything that even resembled the Nazi regime to ever take hold anywhere on the planet ever again. But now, it is here in our land, and if we do not demand an end to the policies and program implementations, then when you are asked for your papaers and your password, you can not argue. You will have to meekly submit like a lamb to the will of the government, and the will of the People will be lost in the history books as a failed experiment.
Do it now. Write to your Senator, your Congressperson, and anyone and everyone you can think of, and demand an end to the surveillance society they are shoving down our throats and a return to Constitutional law in America. Batmanchester

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