Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Internment Camps-Part Two

On Camp Norwesca Road, just outside of Chadron National Park in Berryville Nebraska, lies an old World War Two internment camp where German prisoners of war were held. Berryville is not a town per se, just a hodge podge of houses and general stores scattered along the outskirts of the Park, but the people who live in the area like to consider themselves unified enough to be considered a village of sorts. The camp has been newly refurbished with razor wire along the top of the fence, and inside one can see the brand new buildings, along with the train station leading into loading bays. The buildings themselves look like barracks, are huge and painted dull gray.

As one drives south along Camp Norwesca Road, leaving the park area, the road itself starts to fade away into a dirt track, and within 20 miles there are roadblocks declaring the area off limits. No reason is given as to why the area is off limits, and when one ventures about a mile further on foot, the reason becomes apparent.

A huge facility is housed there, one so large that the people of Berryville think that it is a federal prison that was never put to used, (dang that old gubmint for spending our tax dollars on nuttin')

A walk around this place reveals the exact same military barracks style buildings, razor wire, train tracks with a loading bay, and the more curious sectioning off of certain places of the humongous loading docks into color coded sections of red, orange and green. One can only speculate as to what the color codes are for, and hopefully we never find out. Taking pictures and video, we patrolled around the southwest corner to get a better angle on one of the 15 guard towers, when a black SUV rolled up behind us, and three men jumped out, one in military fatigues, the other two in casual attire. Wanting to know what we were doing there, we told them, and we were informed that this was a restricted zone.

Inquiring as to what this base was being used for exactly, we were given the answer that it was a closed down training facility, but if it closed down, why did they confiscate our cameras, gear and all? I mean lenses, scopes, everything, including the carrying bags. Refusing to even identify themselves, they let it be known that we could be arrested for telling anyone else about the facility, asked us how we found out about it, and when we told them we were just sightseers who happened across it, they let us go.

Escorted back out to the main road they sat at the barrier to make sure we left, which we did in a hurry.

East of Fort Leanard Wood in Missouri, is a small town called Rolla that is just a little south of I-44. Approximately ten miles south of the town proper is what locals call the old prison. Nobody bothers to go look at the facility, and haven't in years they say, but the one thing they're sure of is the peculiar activity that goes on in the area, especially at night. Military flatbed trucks come and go, hauling material every so often, and the people of Rolla imagine that the military is just taking apart the old German internment camps that are located there. There's also another one located nearby in the Mark Twain National Forest.

A closer inspection, with a local teem as our guide, indeed showed brand spanking new fencing, the tell tale razor and barbed wire fences, and the buildings we've come to know by know. Although smaller in scale than the facility in Nebraska, this camp could easily hold up to ten thousand people, with the capacity for more due to the mobile housing type units on the base itself. There were guards patrolling this empty campus, but these guys seemed uninterested in us.

We left for home with a queasy feeling, after knowing of these camps for so long and finally deciding to go look at a couple of these sites. No longer doubters. No longer under any illusions as to the purpose of these camps and who their intended residents might be.

Getting back home, we compared the notes we had jotted down, and all of us had come to the same conclusions. FEMA camps. There were no other explanations for the refurbished, well kept remote area facilities being guarded so closely and to the point that at the one in Nebraska, we had our equipment confiscated and we were threatened with arrest just for telling anyone what we think we might have seen. (Their words)

As the state of our economy worsens, and being fully aware of the orders contained within both the false Patriot Acts and Executive Directives that make it possible for the President to declare martial law in the event of a financial crisis such as the one we are heading full tilt into, we urge everyone to locate the rest of these facilities, and go and examine them. Once you do, write it up, sneak photos, (don't let them see you taking pictures, or it will cost you), and post them everywhere.

because despite the naysayers and the tin foil hatters, this phenomenon is real, and if you look inside of yourself, and what our government has been doing lately, you may feel that twinge of fear inside, not of terrorists living in caves, but of the terrorists that reside in our nation's capitol. Batmanchester

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