Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mrs. Clinton, You're Unfit To Lead This Nation

Hillary Clinton, in what has become a hallmark of her campaign, is milking the incident with David Shuster, an MSNBC correspondent over the use of the words 'pimping out' that Mr. Shuster used during a report he was giving on daughter Chelsea. Despite the fact that Shuster has been suspended by the network, in what most people thought was a wrongful caving in to a political campaign, The elder Mrs. Clinton is now back in the news demanding even harsher punishment over the use of what is basically the slang tossed around by the youth of our country in almost every sentence they can utter it.
By Mrs. Clinton's demands for more and harsher sanctions against Shuster, she shows us all, quite publicly, that she does not have the emotional fortitude to lead this nation, especially not at this time. Her empty and shallow threats made against MSNBC should have been taken for just that when they made the decision to suspend Shuster in the first place. This media whore is not about to pass up free air time when her entire campaign is so broke that she had to lend it 5 million dollars just to make it through till Super Tuesday.
Wait a second. She 'lent' her own campaign 5 million dollars, after boasting record campaign donations? Where did all of the money go? Even if all is on the up and up with that situation, then it shows such fiscal irresponsibility, that she can not be allowed to be in charge of spending at the national level.
Her latest national hissy fit over an issue that she should have allowed to die off due to the backlash that is already making itself evident at the polls yesterday, shows us that this woman is too unstable to be trusted with the nuclear launch codes of our country.
And do we really want a President who may end up spending time fighting off court battles, such as the one filed by Peter Paul on Jan. 12th against her husband, former President Bill Clinton, alleging a scheme to rob Mr. Paul and business partner Stan Lee, of Marvel Comics fame, out of 17 million dollars? You do remember Peter Paul don't you Mrs. Clinton? Oh, that's right. You swear that you never met the man, despite the numerous videos of you together with him, and the recorded telephone conversation that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that you were involved in campaign finance fraud back in the 2000 Senate race in New York.
Should we once again dredge up the $1,000 you invested in the cattle futures market, and then less than a year later, recieved an unbelieveable return of 1,000%, which we all know was a disguised bribe made by Tyson Foods?
Lets tell the voters how you speculated in the Health Care futures while you were overseeing legislation for the reform of the same.
While you were co-President, it was you who ordered the shredding of documents by the Health Care Task Force, that were the subject of a court probe, stole documents and billing records being sought from Vince Foster's office, and only when real threats started to come by the court, did you release the billing record, but not the other documents.
Also forgotten by the voting public is the fact that you ordered the use of the F.B.I. to discredit employees of the Travel Office, who were complaining about the fraudulent use of taxpayer dollars to shuttle big wigs around.
Don't you think the voters in a national election should know that Rudy wasn't the only one who tried to cash in politically on 9/11? Oh yes. What? Did you think we'd all forgotten that while Steven Brill was researching his book about the aftermath of the events of that day, it was your office and you personally who sought the author out to tout your 'comfort meetings' with some of the 9/11 families? You even provided the author with documentation. Only the entire story was bogus. The papers were made up. And the families that you purported to meet with and comfort say that the meetings never took place, that they never met you, and that you were lying through your teeth in order to score political points with New Yorkers.
What could be so damaging to you that Judicial Watch, the organization that probes and prosecutes government corruption has had to file suit against the National Archives in order to obtain records of your daily White House activities? At issue are over 10,000 pages that the courts have said must be released, but yet, your husband is still holding up the process. One must wonder what you're trying to hide.
Just what did you mean when in 1996 you said" We will never build enough prisons to solve our crime problems"?
I also wonder if proponents for net neutrality know that in 1998, you called for 'gatekeeping' of the internet? You remember. Some sort of government editing controls to delete whatever the government decided just wasn't true. Nice try on that one.
This list could go on for page after page, but Mrs. Clinton, even ignoring all of the criminal activity by yourself and your husband, the shame and embarrasment that the both of you caused while in the White House, your recent plugs for public sympathy are pathetic at best, and coldly calculated at worst.
Just taking the case of MSNBC, your blatant attempts to control and cow the media during your campaign shows us exactly what sort of administration you would run. Freedom of the press? Bah! Not if you can help it. You forced Chris Matthews to cower in fear. You caused David Shuster to be suspended over what amounted to nothing, but your vindictiveness now bares it's teeth for all to see with this morning's demands for harsher punishment. Would his being drawn and quartered on national television satisfy your blood lust?
As far as I'd be concerned were I in charge of that network, I'd laugh in your face, and say go ahead and skip the next debate on our station. We'll be more than happy to give your opponent a platform all to himself. I'm sure you'd just love that, would you not?
No. Your barking and yapping show us that you are not fit to lead this nation Mrs. Clinton. We've had more than seven long years of one bully in the Oval Office, and don't want yet another tyrant stomping through the halls of power. If you're a mother first on the campaign trail, what would you be as President of the United States? A wife and mother first, leader of the people second? Batmanchester


Anonymous said...


Shuster need to be FIRED and that is my right to say and go after GE advertizers for the blantant sexism being promoted on MSNBC.

Keep it up...the media serves us and since women is over 50% and a prime target base of advertisers that take our money to pay for those over blown arrongant windbags on MESSNBC.

It's too bad you don't like how parents responds when they get mad and want this jerk FIRED and the rest put on notice that we are watching you and the next time this are gone too.

I don't give a rat azz about Shuster career...he's a sexist jerk and deserve what is coming to him.

My daughter means more to me and when she ask questions about why the men are so nasty, I say don't worry they won't be on TV anymore. said...

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