Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Justice For Rape Victims

I didn't intend to write this story today. I didn't even realize just how widespread this issue was until I started researching more about the RNC coming up in September, and stumbled upon a story in today's local paper that made me stop and sit up. The story so angered me, that I started to look and see just how many recent cases were similar to the one I had just found. These are some recent stories of no justice whatsoever for the victims of rape and child molestation and we had better take note of this trend, although I'm sure it's more widespread than this angry writing realizes.
Yesterday, in St. Paul Minnesota, a man who was convicted of raping a 13 year old child was given 6 months in jail, and since he has already served 5 months awaiting his day in court, he'll be out in thirty days to rape again. The conviction was for an incident where the suspect and a cohort lured two 13 year old girls to the suspects apartment, and got them so wasted on pot and booze that they passed out. One of the girls woke up to find the suspect having sex with her, the other awoke naked in the bathroom, bleeding from her vaginal area, because she was a virgin before she had just been raped. Prosecutors decided to go with the light plea bargain due to the fear that a jury might see the girls as tramps or something. What?! Are they crazy? You're letting a child molester out on the street because you can't be bothered with a trial? The prosecutor and the judge should be fired.

Minnesota seems to have a major problem when it comes to sentencing child molesters though, because not two days ago in Winona, a man was given 180 days in jail and 20 years probation for his role in raping an unconscious 15 year old girl with a beer can. Her injuries were so severe that she required surgery to save her life, so the compassionate judge also ordered the suspect to pay $618 in restitution to the victim. Another judge and prosecutor that need to be fired.

As bad as these two cases are, a case in Maryland last year is even more apalling. A Maryland State Trooper was convicted of possesion of child pornography, and even though the judge said at his sentencing that the crime was heinious, because they suspected, but couldn't prove his deeper involvement in a child porn ring, he let this child molester off with 3 years probation.

But the one that really smacked me in the face is the one from last year in Tampa, Florida. A woman was enjoying the festivities at the annual Gasparilla, sort of like Mardi Gra on a smaller scale. Tired, she told her friends she was going home and headed for her car. Before she got there however, a man grabbed her and dragged her behind a building, where he brutally raped and beat her. This was in broad daylight. Afterwards, the man ran off and the woman called police. In the course of taking down her information, the responding officer ran HER name through the system, and discovered that she had an outstanding JUVENILE arrest warrant for failure to pay a fine. She was arrested, taken to jail and the rape investigation stopped while she was booked. The first jail doctor she saw gave her the first morning after pill to prevent pregnancy. Then the judge decided that this dangerous criminal had to stay where she was and set no bail. That meant the weekend because this was a Friday. The next day a different jail doctor refused to give her the second of the morning after pills to prevent pregnancy due to his religious beliefs. It was not until Monday when her lawyer went to the press, that this victim was finally released from the debtors prison, and allowed to go home. Needless to say, the suspect is still at large and has raped who knows how many women.

This is justice? I thought we had done away with the smirking, 'oh she must be a slut' attitude in this country? The 'she had it coming' treatment by the justice system. Apparently not, as just these few cases would indicate. Just who is it that speaks for the victims in cases of travesties such as these. We will, that's who. So, if you're as outraged as I am, then make yourself heard.
To contact the Ramsey County 2nd District Court and tell them how you feel about Judge Michael Talbot DeCourcy's decision in the first case, call
Administration Information
(651) 266-8266
To contact Winona County officials: Call (507)457-6350 Fax: (507)454-9365 or email:
The other two cases are from last year, so it's probably too late to say anything, but feel free to go ahead anyway. Because it really doesn't matter what side of the political spectrum you come from, right is right, and wrong is wrong, and in these cases listed just here, there's something very wrong going on indeed. Batmanchester

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