Thursday, February 14, 2008

Women Don't Always Get Roses On Feb. 14th

A box of chocolates and a dozen bright red roses are pretty much what many a woman will recieve today from their paramours around the country. Of course, nowadays, it's perfectly acceptable for a man to recieve roses from a woman also. Some will be luckier than others, some will be all alone today, but despite that fact, they'll still be better off than millions upon millions of women the world over.
In Saudi Arabia today, they plan on hacking off a woman's head because they convicted her in a court of law, In A Court Of Law, of being a witch. This is not unusual for the Saudi nation. They routinely behead women for minor crimes, or even for daring to get themselves raped. We just hear about the really unusual cases.
Another 'ally' of ours, Pakistan, allows for the women of the Hindu faith to be kidnapped by Muslim men, forced into marriage, be taken into a court room, where she is then forced to proclaim her allegiance to Islam, and is whisked away afterward, never to be seen or heard from again by anyone she formerly knew. But since the courts say it is legal, therefore it must be perfectly ok.
Filipina and Bangladeshi women accepting jobs as maids that are advertised in their local newspapers, soon find themselves in virtual slavery in countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Lebanon, as well as some other oil rich nations like Russia.
Not ever mentioned in the press are the women in Nigeria, who when just suspected of infidelity, are routinely stoned to death in the streets. Or also not worth mentioning would be the female infanticide occuring in China again, nor the millions of African women who are infected with AIDS by promiscuous male folk, then left to die on their own, shunned as 'unclean' by their own people.

Or the other women of Africa, who when they reach their teen years, will have their genitals mutilated in a twisted ritual to keep them pure.

In Turkey, women who are arrested for any crime are subject to 'virginity testing', a practice wherein male guards apply electric shocks to the genital area of the women, then rape them with blunt objects. Most are them sexually assaulted by the guards, but since Turkey is 'with us', I guess this practice can be overlooked. After all, they're just criminals, right?
Many a woman the world over has made it hee, to the land of the free, only to find that the freedom and equality they thought they had achieved was a scam. Forced to work twelve to sixteen hours a day in a sweatshop to pay back a never ending 'loan' is the fate that the lucky ones find themselves in. The others are usually forced into sexual slavery, forced prostitution, and bartered between pimps like so much cattle.

Despite the way we like to think otherwise, it happens to U.S. women every day also. They are beaten by their men folk, forced into prostitution, and they come from places such as Des Moines, Witchita, New York, Gainsville, Corpus Christi, and all points in between.
The fact is that although women make up about fifty per cent of the world's population, they own less than one per cent of all property worldwide, and even as they work two thirds of the world's working hours, they recieve only about one tenth of the world's income.
So, as we here in America and elsewhere go around giving out flowers and candy, maybe we should instead take today and celebrate it as a day of equality between men and women, between black and white and brown and yellow. Maybe that would be the greatest expression of love we could ever muster. Fighting for justice for those who are oppressed, and taking our supposed 'allies' to task for the treatment of their women, demanding real change and equality, and stop looking the other way when it's convienient for us.
Give your loved one a hug and a kiss today, hold them tight, and those of you who feel alone and blue, consider the above, and perhaps you'll feel somewhat better off than what many a woman is going through right now. Buy Yourself a box of chocolates, and eat every one of them yourself.

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