Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The President Lost His Mind Over The Weekend

While everyone in the country was watching the Super Bowl or preparing for today's critical primary and caucas votes, the President of the United States was busy plotting the destruction of our country. Attempting to sneak his 3.1 trillion dollar budget proposal past the public while our backs were turned, the Bush budget would increase military spending to levels that would only be needed were he planning to start World War Three before he leaves office. That is, unless he plans to declare martial law and suspend the elections as Musharraf did in Pakistan.
Also done by this maniac in the White House, and again attempted to slip by us under the radar, was his announcement that he would veto any FISA bill that the Senate sent to him, unless it includes retroactive immunity for the telecom corporations.
After years of shrill banshee screaming by this President of imminent annihilation, the gall that reeks and stinks from his threatened veto tells the American people all in one fell swoop just who and what this Republican Party has been about these last two torturous decades. It has not been about protecting the American people, nor our interests. It has not been about making America freat once again. It has not been about some boogeymen that may attack us from caves. It has been about the corrupt use of power and color of authority to further the interests of the 'elites' and the richest among us. It has been about siphoning off tax dollars not to fix the infrastructure of our country, or help children get an education, but to further enrich oil companies that helped get this imbecile appointed to the Oval Office.
In the new Bush deficit budget, he proposes to cut off more than 100,000 families from housing assistance, which would cause a rise in the number of homeless people, but I imagine sacrifices must be made in order to pay for the pork barrel miltary projects the Pentagon has in mind.
In this budget massacre, he proposes to cut over 200,000 families off of heating assistance, allowing them to freeze to death in order to pay for some wild scheming and planning by the war mongers amongst us.
As he espouses the virtues of our police and firefighters, he proposes to slash spending for those services by almost 50%. That's pretty much in line with Bush's bait and switch rhetoric we've come to recognize these last seven years. Praise a sector of society in order to make them feel good and vote for you, then cut their knees out from under them, all for the good of the country of course.
As Medicare and Medicaid recipients already face increasing hardship due to the cruel callousness of this President's past cuts, he now proposes slashing the programs even further. Co-pays would rise, the cost of prescriptions would go up, and there would be savings all right. But the savings would come with dead bodies attached, because when the co-pay rises on the poorest of the poor, they can not afford them, and therefore stop going to the doctor. This is the new Republican preventive medicine campaign. 'Let the poor die and we'll save money.'
Not to worry though, because this fiscally irresponsible President will be giving away Homeland Security dollars to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, a town of less than 100,00 citizens, which has inexplicably turned up as a terrorist target
But the veto threat against a bill that would help protect the country, according to Bush's own words, shows us as clear as day that this war on a noun has been a farce from the beginning. This war of terror has been aimed at the American people all along. To take away our rights. To stifle voices of dissent. To throw the Constitution out the window, and replace it with a corporate controlled fascist government that could run roughshod over the people with the police state powers they would foist upon us.
Congress must send this huckster in chief the FISA bill without any immunity for the telecom companies, and let Bush veto it. Let this man show us where the concerns of the Republican Party truly lie. Not with the American people as a whole, but with the rich and the power mad war mongerers. Toss this new 'budget' out the window, and restore the money to the domestic programs like infrastructure rebuilding and programs for those with the least, because if the Congress caves in to this lame duck in chief, this maniac, then they will be condeming this country to decades of hardship while the oil companies and multi-nationals collect corporate welfare and laugh in the face of us all. Batmanchester

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