Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The New American Internment Camps

Waiting for today to write about a subject many believe is very real, and to them, very terrifying, I wanted to examine what are being called the new American internment camps. Because today is the day in 1942 that the President of the United States issued Executive Order number 9066, the order which made it possible to send almost 150,000 Japanese and Japanese American citizens to what many accounts called concentration camps.
This is not some fantasy conspiracy theory, these are facts. And the fact is that by interning these people, 70,000 of whom were American citizens, and with no outcry from the people, because then, like now, it was a time of war, a precedent had been set that made this government believe that it was just fine and dandy with us if they locked up anyone they chose to, without ever giving them a day in a court of law.
Another group that was interned during that bloody war were the Aleuts of Alaska. They too were American citizens, but when the Japanese bombed Dutch Harbor in Unalaska in 1942, the Navy took almost 1,000 citizens from their homes, burned their villages to the ground, and interned these people for the duration of the war in conditions some compared to the Nazi death camps. Ah, you'd forgotten about that one, hadn't you?
Again, precedents being set, and not a peep from the masses. What had the Aleuts done to deserve this treatment? Well, they kind of looked a little Oriental.
Flash forward to the present day. We all are very much aware of the prisons being run by our government that hold upwards of 30,000 Iraqis, and possibly more. Many have been held for years just because they were caught up in sweeps by our military. Ok. It's war time. Understanding the need to be cautious to the extreme, do we not then, as we export our 'American values', have an obligation to accord these prisoners, many of whom are clearly innocent, the right to a fair and speedy trial? And let's not forget all of the so called secret CIA prisons, and Guantanamo Bay while we're on the subject.
Given our predisposition to incarcerate people on little or even no grounds whatsoever, even our present day citizens on minor menial offenses, then the following should make us all pause and demand some answers, and not the goobledygok the official government line tells us.
By Executive Order of President Ronald Reagan, FEMA put together a plan called Rex 84. The official story tells us that it is a contigency plan in case of a mass influx of illegal aliens from Mexico. But as we all know by now this government could care less about any massive invasion from south of the border, and pays only lip service at best to stopping illegals from entering the U.S. The true nature of the program was actually revealed during the Iran Contra hearings in 1987, but the whole story has never been told.
Ever wonder why FEMA can't get their act together even now, to help Katrina victims? Maybe because they're too busy working on this.
Part of Rex 84 is something called Garden Plot. This phase of FEMA's Rex 84 program spells out the control of the population of our country. The second phase of the plan is called Cable Splicer, which spells out the federal takeover of all state and local governments. Although, officially, the program was only an exercise, the reality is that these plans are still very much in play today.
Now, before you go running for your tin foil hats, bear in mind the internements mentioned above, and consider that there are literally thousands of Americans all over the country who are documenting the building, the refurbishment, and the extremely unusual activity at some 600 or more sites around the country.
To delve a little deeper in some of this, let's look at the case of one of the camps that was inspected up close by concerned citizens. It's in the San Fernando Valley, adjacent to the Water District. The area around the Water District itself is fenced in with barbed wire and the fence itself pointing outward at the top to keep people out. Right across from it lies this so called new section of the Water District with miles of fencing topped with razor wire, and pointing inward. To keep what in exactly? From the road, one can not see into the camp, due to berms being built to block any sight. But if one travels around to the other side and goes to a restaurant called Odyssey, the view with binoculars looks down into the camp itself. From there one can see a landing strip, brand new military style buildings, military personell and armed guards patrolling the perimeter, and police cars circling the fences.
In Alaska, just outside of Fairbanks, sits a sprawling empty complex that the government officially calls a mental health facility. Problem is, there's no one there except armed guards, the same razor wire fencing pointing inwards, brand new military style buildings, and is said, along with the one near Anchorage, to be able to hold at least 500,000 people. So we're going to send all the illegal aliens to Alaska? How absurd.
Now all of this could be dismissed and explained away as crackpots fomenting some sort of 'conspiracy theory', save for the fact that they are being reported by well adjusted stalwart members of the community all over the country. Are some of these people kooks? Of course they are. But that doesn't explain away the concerns of the still thousands of people who are not crazy and are reporting and keeping track of the building, refitting, and guarding of these places.
I thought back to something that was bothering me and it came to me finally. In North Carolina there was an 'exercise' in which the government was supposedly looking for a lost survivalist named Eric Rudolph. The operation expanded into the federal takeover of a small town in the search area, in which no one was allowed to enter or leave the town without permission, travel in the town was restricted, and most residents were compelled to stay in their homes. I add this out of memory, so if some details are off, forgive me.
Here's what it boils down to. The American government has been waging a war of terror against us for so long, and repeated the same lies so many times that they are starting to believe them, that we can not simply ignore this. Take the announcement yesterday by Amtrak that henceforth, all passengers would be subject to random searches, no warrant, nothing. Police armed with automatic weapons and dogs would be patrolling both trains and stations. Undercover personell would also be on the trains.
Whoa! Hold on there Big Brother! This country is starting to resemble a police state. But of course, we all know by now that this was the plan all along. If anyone believes anything that this government says, then you are obviously the ones watching American Idol while fiddling your Playstation all day.
What are these camps that are all across the nation really being built for? Oh, I think I have a prety good idea, but I'm not going to voice it. Just know this. This is reality. This is happening right now. And someone had better figure out what is going on before someone bangs on all of our doors. The first thing everyone should do is read these Executive Orders: Numbers 11921, 11049, 11310, 11051, 11005, 11004, 11003, 11002, 11001, 11000, 10999, 10998, 10997, 10995, 10990. And then understand that before we dismiss all of this as 'conspiracy theory' all it would take to implement all of these orders would be a stroke of the President's pen and the Attorney General issuing a warrant with a list of all suspected 'dissidents'. Which at this point would be millions of us.
Illegal wiretapping, the Senate refusing to impeach, refusing to hold corporations accountable for breaking the law, the White House refusing any Congressional oversight, including contempt of Congress citations, the President and his Star Wars vice-president claiming powers they do not have, and oh by the way, one of the executive orders allows for the implementation of all of the above Orders in time of financial crisis in our country. Nah. Wall Street would Never collude with our government, would they? Decide all of this for yourself. Batmanchester

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