Thursday, October 18, 2007

When A President Goes Insane

Asked at a recent news conference about concerns that Vladmir Putin might suspend the Russian Constitution in order to remain in power, the President of the United States quipped " I've been planning that myself." Said in such a flippant manner that reporters returned nervous laughter, no one even pressed him on the issue and moved on to other questions. Oh that Bush! He's such a kidder. But the real scare came when he was asked about the Iranian nuclear program and he flippantly and implicitly threatened the entire world. Just three little words have headlines around the globe wondering if our President hasn't lost touch with reality altogether. World War Three.

No longer satisfied with threatening Iran about obtaining actual nuclear weapons, he now orders a sovereign nation that they aren't allowed to even have the knowledge of how to make one, or there's going to be a war. Horrified Americans are reacting on message boards and chat rooms across the country, as Russia has said they will help the Iranians finish their reactor despite U.S. objections. And warning the U.S. not to strike Iran, and former Soviet nations not to help us do so. To illustrate their point, the Russians announced a month long 'strategic exercise', wherein their long range bombers will be in the air over the Pacific at all times. In response, the U.S. bomber fleet is doing 'pre arranged' exercises itself.

Has Mr. Bush joined the Democrats down the road of insanity? The Democrats needlessly provoked an ally, and the President is needlessly provoking the Iranians and the Russians.

When asked recently about his veto of the health care for children bill, he answered with this stunning statement: "People have access to health care in America... you just go to an emergency room," in other words, let them eat cake. This, at a time when the CDC is warning of a super strain of staph infections, that are caught mostly where? In hospitals.

Showing his full arrogance, and his complete lack of understanding of the realities of what this nation is all about, he told the gathered reporters that they could ask him all the questions that they wanted, and he would feign interest, ."you know..act like I'm really thinkin' on it. Then, I'll smile and say, "That's a good question," and then I'll leave", he told them. And he did just that.

Are you awake yet? I know this subject matter is tedious and boring, because there's more pressing matters at hand, like Britney's custody battle, or Ellen's doggie, or wait, that's right. O.J. is back in court.

What you should and must understand is that the threats against Iran have nothing to due whatsoever with it's nuclear program. If it was such a big deal, why didn't we stop North Korea, Pakistan, India, Brazil, or Israel from obtaining them? No. What this is really all about is the same thing that the war in Iraq is all about, oil. The Iranians just did what Saddam Hussein did just before we decided that he had to go. They just signed major oil deals with Russia, China, North Korea, and Belarus and cut out Shell, BP, and threw the Deutsche Bank to the wolves. It wasn't long after Iraq did the same thing that they became a 'serious threat' to our national security.

World War Three, Mr. President? What do we do when our leaders have clearly fumbled the ball, the other team has it, and our team pulls out guns to stop them from scoring a touchdown?

Without meaning to terrify you, I humbly suggest that you start stocking up on food and water, blankets and medical supplies, make sure you have some camping gear, including flashlights, batteries, and a radio, because this madman WANTS to fulfill his destiny as the harbinger of Armageddon. The rest of the world already believes that our President has gone off the deep end, and Americans should no longer have any doubt either. Batmanchester

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