Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Such A Booo-Tiful Debate

A ghost most notably absent,

a voice that no one heard,

the witch's voice the constant,

the questions patently absurd,

The discussion of our freedoms,

spoken only by the elf,

for what the cost of sheikdoms,

are lost within myself,

The werewolf howled and cried foul,

at the attacks on witch's brew,

whilst the mummy sat back with a growl,

and said " Here's what you must do,"

A knight strode forth with darkened candor,

assuring we could cope,

and that he was our national bander,

who was giving us some hope,

A unicorn a' championed,

the worker's right to pay,

all but drowned out as all were frightened,

when the witch began to say,

"Nothing's off the table!,"

shrilling screeching voice,

war drums to enable,

but she really had no choice,

"Impeach! Impeach!" cried the elf,

as the others looked away,

no other voice would lend itself,

to oppose the king who still holds sway,

One voice stood for reason,

but his message was a' hidin'

the devils' in the details,

and his time he is a' bidin,

So witchs' scowls, and werewolves' howls,

still brought silence from the ghost,

For all the other creatures' fouls,

this silence disturbs the most,

What say did we learn, or discover on last night?,

A'freezing yet still we burn, for freedom we will fight,

When the lever a'comes your turn, let's set this dance alight,

with sacrifice and return, to freedom's true birthright.................

A little Halloween ditty to confuse everyone, but not if you read what's in between the lines. Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone. Don't trick or treat! Have a party at your house, a neighbor's house, or somewhere where everyone knows everyone else. It's too dangerous in this day and age. Inspecting candy has become moot, as you may not notice the smallest needle hole that can go through the best wrapped candy package. All are welcome to email me their unwanted chocolate bars! Batmanchester

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