Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An Open Letter To The Democratic Party

To the Democratic Party Of the United States,
We, the people, or at least the majority of us, took on good faith the words you uttered during the campaign of 2006. Most of us voted for change in both the House and the Senate, with the understanding that you would end the war in Iraq, by cutting off the funding for this protracted engagement. We wanted a check on the Executive Branch, which had been allowed to run amok under the Republican controlled Congress. We believed your promises. We voted you into office, even in places that would normally have fallen to the Republicans, because of that belief that you would usher in changes. But you have failed us miserably.
Not only have you failed to deliver on your promises, but you now gone and actually made things worse. Your vote to condemn the genocide suffered by the Armenian people 90 years ago has placed our troops in jeopardy. The entire world knows what the Turkish government did back in those days. It's an accepted fact. In countries such as France, it is illegal to publicly deny the existence of this genocide. Why your party felt the need to rehash and open this old wound with Turkey's trigger finger so itchy is beyond the scope of comprehension, and a blunder that may cost us the use of military staging points in Turkey itself.
We have stood with you as you feebly attempted to end the war, but this latest blunder by your party may end up costing American lives. In the relative calm of Northern Iraq, you have just stirred the hornet's nest, and if the Turks invade, and slaughter ensues, the blood will be on your hands. What good will come of this resolution? How does this serve the interests of the people of the United States? What will you say if the Turks do invade, and the world demands that we stop them? Will we then have to fight with a NATO ally? Have you lost your collective minds?
It would seem to the people of our nation that your time would be better served looking after the people's business, and not wasting time by passing resolutions condemning political groups, or other nations for long past accounts.
We demanded change, but you have delivered more of the same. By perusing the Thomas Register, the people can also see that since Jan. 2008, when you officially took the reigns of power, you have voted time and again against the interests of your own people, and furthered the corporate agenda. You have not stopped this administration's corporate welfare giveaway, but actually voted to continue to further subsidize multi-nationals, using the people's money to do so. Your pandering to corporate interests in the form of allowing the continued influx of illegal labor into our nation is costing Americans their jobs, and their standard of living.
This being said, there needs to be at least one of the Democratic Presidential contenders to come out against this resolution, and to speak truth to power about the way that Congress is conducting the people's business, or you may find yourselves back home come next November.
We are sick of do nothing Congresses, or ones that speak platitudes to the people, but then laughingly do the exact opposite of what you were sent to Washington to do. Disregard the rising anger of the people at your own peril, as we grow weary of political posturing, game playing, bi-partisan divides, and outright fraud committed in the people's name. Should one American lose his or her life because of the action you have just taken, rest assured that you will be unemployed come next election. Batmanchester

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