Sunday, October 7, 2007

New U.S. Civil War Already Underway

A new revolution is already taking place behind the scenes, with absolutely no coverage by the defense contractor controlled corporate media. Last week, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a meeting was held by groups of people from as divergent places as one could possibly imagine. They came from such 'liberal' bastions as Vermont and California. They came from the 'far right' strongholds of the deep south, Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. They came from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii to debate the issue of certain states seceding from the United States.

Dismissed as 'crackpots', and far fringe 'loonies,' you should know that nothing is further from the truth. These are business leaders, farmers, shopkeepers, working men and women, who, fed up with the fascist takeover of our government by the corporations, have decided that they have had enough. They can no longer abide the lies and corruption of this administration, nor the push by the corporate controlled media to crown Queen Hillary, and have taken it upon themselves to answer the call of Patriotism, and save the people of their collective states from the tyranny that has been thrust upon us all.

Ballot initiatives are in the works as we speak, ones that again, are not spoken to by the corporate media. The fear and panic reverberating throughout corporate board rooms over this issue, is the root cause of the stepping up of the agenda they had all along, with the appointment of the current regime by the Supreme Court. Oil barons now speak of 100 dollar a barrel oil before the elections of next year. The NSA spying program has been accelerated to the point that they can now tap every phone in this country, access every email account, follow your DVR viewing habits, access your medical records, and follow every purchase you make, in order to better control you. The very idea of a collective awakening to what they themselves have termed as the new world order, causes them to quake with terror themselves.

We are all the victims of terrorism. But we are being terrorized by our own government, and not by some cave dwelling boogeyman in a land far away. We are stuck in the quagmire of Iraq and Afghanistan, with the monsters now beating the nationalistic war drums at Iran. Answer this for yourself and maybe you'll see one small part of the larger picture. Why are there 180,000 mercenaries fighting overseas, when there are only 162,000 American troops? And that's just Iraq. The media barely speaks of the corporate mercenaries fighting in Nigeria, or Angola, or other parts of the world. Congress is supposed to be the only entity in this nation that has the power to fund standing armies or navies, yet the corporations are steadily building up their mercenary forces to a degree that collectively, they can rival our own military. Why do you suppose that is?

They have pitted us one against another for years now. Gay marriage. Social Security. Medical coverage for all. Abortion. They trot these issues out whenever they feel the need to distract us, by getting us to fight amongst ourselves over petty issues. And while we do this, behind the scenes they work to create more so called 'free trade zones', which are nothing more than the tearing apart of the very fabric of our country. Outsourcing our jobs to slave labor countries, and whittling away at the quality of life for all Americans, save for the few at the very top. And when the issue or topic of the day dwindles off to obscurity for the moment, they trot out a 'terror' threat to frighten you back into submission. "Protect us Daddy!" We all cry from our living rooms, giving the giggling hyenas even more power to do as they please, while they laughingly pit us at each others throats once more over issues that have been with us all along, and we always resolved in a peaceful and coherent manner.

Yes, the stirrings of anger among the people have already been put in place. But what these new Patriots don't understand is that they are playing directly into the hands of these fascist bullies. They WANT the United States to cease to exist as a sovereign entity. They would love nothing more than to deal with a bunch of smaller Republics. The Republic of Vermont. The Compact of Southern States. The Nation of Alaska. In this manner, there would be no federal laws to prevent them from raping the resources of our people, and they could open up their 'free trade' zone from the tip of South America to the Artic. We would be a people divided, and we would stand no chance whatsoever in fending off the corporations. No. Although sympathetic to the anger that has started this movement in the first place, I have to disagree with the breaking up of our Nation. Together we stand and all that. Our forefathers and mothers fought to build a free nation. Generations of our finest have died to preserve it. We can not and must not allow this administration to achieve the corporate goal of the destruction of our country. Forget the left/right paradigm they have thrust into your lap and remember that we are Americans first, and as such, must do all that we can to stop this madness before it truly destroys and enslaves us all. Vote every incumbent out of office. Start your own version of MoveOn. Put down your remote controls, your iPods, and your Playstation controllers, and start researching and keeping track of who is doing what. Then fight back. Write and demand answers from every government agency, every corporate CEO, every single media outlet, and any one else who holds sway in our dying democracy. Together, right, left, middle, back, front, all of us, can save our country. Divided and distracted, they win and we all lose. Batmanchester

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