Saturday, October 27, 2007

Can You Hear Us Now, Mr. Bush?

Today, in cities across the United States, from San Francisco, Seattle, and points west, all across the nation to the east coast cities of New York, and Boston, hundreds of thousands of people marched through the streets, demanding an end to the war in Iraq.

Curiously, of all the mainstream media on scene, the only one to report on the day's happenings so far is MSNBC. The rest of MSM is completely silent on an issue that brings back memories of the Vietnam era, and sends shudders down the spine of every neo-con in the land. The people are fed up.

Diverse groups, from both sides of the aisle came together today to end the slaughter of our military, on a day when newspapers across the nation report on the story of the brigade that was interviewed in Iraq, and who declared that Iraq wasn't worth another American soldier's life. Can you hear the people yet, Mr. Bush? Are you starting to get the old Nixonian/Johnson fear of a rising populace, who finally sees what you have done?

Also not reported by MSM, but carried in newspapers the world over, was the rapid departure of former SecDef. Donald Rumsfeld from France yesterday, after a human rights group filed charges against him, and according to French law, they were bound to investigate and possibly even arrest old Rummy. Yes. That's right. The war criminals aren't going to be able to go anywhere now, because they are so hated the world over, that everywhere they go, charges get filed against them for violations of the Geneva Convention.

Back to the protests. San Francisco papers are all abuzz about the protests, even citing a protest in small town Tennessee where weapons are made. Salt Lake City, Denver, Philly, all over Florida, the Dakotas. Can we sit and dismiss this as more 'liberal' protests? Not hardly, considering where half of these were held. Right in the heartland. Right smack dead in red state territory.

Mr. Bush, you've lost your base. What type of democracy do you think to spread when 70 per cent of your own people are screaming at you to listen, but you ignore them? Why, after 9/11, did you use an exact quote from Hitler himself, to try to ensure a nationalistic fervor among the people of our great nation? Because of profits for corporations? That's called fascism Mr. Bush, and you sir, are the biggest fascist in the world today, apart from your toad of a vice-president.

The people are speaking very loud and very clear. No more war. No bombing Iran. We know you won't listen, but history will record that you were the President who tried to lead the fascist take over of the United States.

Can that be the reason behind the big push to crown the queen? You know, maybe due to the fact that she and all of you think alike and are all just as corrupt together. Kind of a lesser of two evils type of arrangement? Not happening. The media can distort the truth all they want, but that camp is starting to worry, especially with the new revelations coming out about the election fraud, and the felonies committed by the Clinton campaign during her run for the Senate.

No more war, Mr. Bush. Take care of your own people, Mr. 'Compassionate Christian." Or the people will march until you do hear us. To everyone who marched today, and are still out in the streets, a big Salute! Batmanchester

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