Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Send EVERYTHING To California Mr. Bush!

As the fire storm over takes entire areas of San Diego, and we hear from people who live out there from online chat rooms, we find noww that this is a national emergency on scale with New Orleans' Katrina. There are now 130,000 homes being threatened by this blaze, people are packed tight in shelters, stadiums, and motels. Rivers of flame scream high into the air, stifling all breath, and covering entire counties in soot and ash. There is no way to even begin to contemplate the angony and the anguish being suffered by the people of Southern California. And although the media continues it'as focus on the homes of the rich and the famous, it is the ordinary Californian who needs help, and needs it NOW.

Mr. Bush has tentatively sent a F.E.M.A. 'exploratory team' out to California to see what can be done. See what can be done? Jesus jumping tadpoles, Mr. Bush. Are you that stupid? Did you learn nothing from Katrina? Get every asset we have that's not bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, and start airlifting supplies out there right now. Not tomorrow. Not later. Right now. Get the trailers rolling now. Fly out the ice and water this time, don't send it cross country by truck.

And the rest of us can do our part. stop trying to call people in California. You're tying up precious phone lines that emergency crews need desperately. Send aid. Offer to house a family. Contact the Red Cross. Call the Governor's office in your home state to get aid moving from your state to California. Pressure local grocery chains and pharmacies to send food and medicine.

Because as it stands right now, at this minute, all you know what is breaking loose in Southern California, and the government is once again standing by with their thumb you know where. It's our duty to get people moving, and we can do so by firing off a few emails. To all of California, stay calm, the online communities will get the powers that be to send aid. To the President of the United States: Send EVERYTHING to California NOW! Batmanchester

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