Thursday, July 24, 2008

Harry Reid: Democratic Super Hypocrite

As two wars rage across the seas, unemployment rises inch by inch, poverty levels increase as the middle class is systematically torn asunder, and with all of the other pressing problems confronting our nation, what did Senate majority Leader Harry Reid (D) Nevada do all day? He held a Senate Judiciary Meeting to underscore the need for more money for local and state police to combat polygamy, calling it 'organized crime'. He also called for a federal task force to be set up to investigate what he described was 'a growing threat across the entire country'.

Even though there were members of various different polygamous communities that asked to be heard and to testify at the hearing, Reid refused to even allow them to attend the proceedings. Jim Bradshaw, an attorney for the FLDS Church said ""It is disturbing that they are profiling a group of people for their religious beliefs. If they did this to any other group, there would be outrage." And he's right. Imagine a Senate hearing to denounce far right Christian groups such as Rev. Hagee or Pat Robertson, who in my mind, are much bigger threats to our country that any polygamists. And organized crime? Oh, come on now Reid! "I am here to tell you that polygamist communities in the United States are a form of organized crime," he said. "The most obvious crime being committed in these communities is bigamy, child abuse — teen and pre-teen girls are forced to marry older men and bear their children. They commit welfare fraud, tax evasion, massive corruption and strong-arm tactics to maintain what they think are the status quo. These crimes are systematic, sophisticated and are frequently carried out across state lines."

Ok Mr. Hysteria, get your facts straight before you run your scare tactics to denounce a religion you don't personally believe in. According to Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, there is no need for any task force, as he and his Utah counter part, Mark Shurtleff are in constant communication with various polygamous sects, and monitor very closely whether there is any abuse going on. So Reid, who is a Mormon himself, is using the case of Warren Jeffs to lump all people and groups that practice polygamy into one big criminal conspiracy, when the truth is that Reid doesn't have a clue as to what he's talking about.

According to Reid, the U.S. Government should actively go after people of all different faiths. Some Muslims still practice polygamy. Ugandan families that emigrate to the U.S. still practice polygamy as well as others coming from Africa. It's not just those of the FLDS Church that believe in polygamy as part of their religion, but faiths of all kinds around the world have the same belief system. So I guess we'll have to find them all and round them up also.

The Australian Government just turned down a request to legalize polygamous marriage, but they also aren't going to go after people who practice it. But Reid and other puritans who believe that we should not tolerate others who practice their faith differently than they do, would have us go through another 1880's type of witch hunt against Mormons. Let's be realistic here. The only reason the main Latter Day Saints Church doesn't openly practice their belief in polygamy any more is in order to survive. They were coerced into agreeing to end the practice.

But let's go one better there Harry. Let's arrest all of those Catholic priests who have abused children, and set up a special federal task force to oversee their criminal activities. Or another one to investigate all of these so called 'Christian charities' that receive millions upon millions of dollars and do nothing with the money but enrich themselves. How about Congress go after the criminals in the Oval Office, you know, the ones we elected you to go after but then wouldn't because you're all in the same bed together. What is wrong with this guy's brain with trying to introduce government intrusion and oversight over people's personal religious beliefs?

Are there abuses that occur in these sects? Of course. But there are abuses in every religion and every denomination of every religion, but that does not mean that every single sect that practices polygamy are an evil criminal conspiracy. I mean, come on now Harry, if you'd like to talk about criminal conspiracies, we could take a look back at the land deal that you walked away with over $1 million dollars after paying $10,000 to your friend of 50 years to gain control over a tract of Las Vegas property of 160 acres. After getting that sweetheart deal, you then introduced favorable legislation to force lubricant companies to not abruptly cut off supplies to distributors. What was it that your friend of 50 years did again? Oh. That's right. He was a lubricant distributor. And after taking full control of the property, you introduced more legislation to build a bridge a few miles down the road across the Colorado River. All that development on the property wouldn't have anything to do with the need for a bridge paid for by the taxpayers would it? Talk about criminal conspiracies.

Harry Reid should spend his time doing the People's business, not trying to legislate religion. And if you're going to hold a kangaroo Senate hearing, the least you can do is not stack the deck against those you wish to persecute. By not allowing members of different polygamous communities to testify, only victims of abuse, the hearing could have been run by Joe McCarthy and no one would have known the difference. Reid should just go sit in a corner where he can't do any more harm, and wait to get voted out of office. He won't stand up to Bush. He won't help impeach the real criminals. He'll participate in shady deals himself, and then point the finger of indignant righteousness at others. Why not go after the Amish while you're at it you hyocrite? Better yet, why not just leave people to live their own lives? Yep, there's something wrong with Harry all right, and hopefully the voters of Nevada know it also.

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