Sunday, July 13, 2008

George Bush's Kooky Sociopath Ways

In coming to the conclusion that the President of the United States, his Vice-President, and many of those around him, such as the Secretary of State, the President's advisers, and others are actually a like minded group of sociopaths, one has to take a look at both the actions of George Bush and the definitions of what makes a sociopath.

Pathological lying is one of the main definitions of a sociopathic personality, and as we all know by now, Bush lies the moment his lips begin to move. The problem is, he is surrounded by others such as Cheney, Rice, and Mukasey who do the very same thing. So if the entire Executive is being run by those with mental illnesses, what is the remedy for that one?

Seeing other humans not as friend or foe, but as victims and accomplices to be exploited until the accomplices end up as victims also is another sure sign of sociopathy. Take for instance the Abramhoff scandal. A known lobbyist with shady dealings visits the White House regularly, and despite the lies of Bush, meets with the President often. Accomplices together in whatever dirty doings they had going, as soon as the donuts hit the fan, Bush threw Abramhoff right under the bus, and denied ever meeting the man, making Abramhoff a victim.

Early behavioral problems such as excessive partying and having adults around that cover up any infractions that are done by the budding sociopath lead to the belief later on in life that they are entitled to whatever they wish, believing also that they are called by God to their destiny, in effect making them all powerful and all knowing, without ever having to explain or apologize for their actions. Bush's early years are well documented to include alcoholism, drug abuse, an arrest for driving under the influence, and a deferment to the national Guard instead of going to Vietnam. Bush's own words peg him as a sociopath when he says that he believes that God wants him to be President.

A lack of remorse for any actions due to the belief that one can do no wrong. At one of the NINE inaugural balls held after the 2004 elections, a reporter asked Bush how he and the First lady were holding up. Meaning to entice a response about the President's feelings about the war in Iraq, and the dead Americans and Iraqi civilians, Bush replied "We're having the time of our lives!"

Indeed, there are many an instance that shows Bush's contempt for America, such as the well distributed video of Bush on the golf course, where he exhorts all the countries of the world to join the fight against terrorism, then immediately turns and says "Now watch this drive." Or his complete lack of empathy for his fellow human beings when he was asked how many Iraqi civilians had been killed thus far due to bombing raids and Bush replied with a straight face and an off the cuff as though it didn't matter manner "Oh, around 30,000 or so." Even that was a lie as we now know, but just the manner in which he replied that 30,000 dead Iraqi civilians meant absolutely nothing to him proves without a doubt that he is a sociopath.

Deciding that the rules and the laws of the united States did not apply to him, Bush instituted torture programs against what he declared were not prisoners of war, but merely unlawful enemy combatants. Circumventing the checks and balances of the Constitution, he ordered the spying on of American citizens without the benefit of a warrant and court oversight. Done because he is the President you see, answerable to no one. Refusing to co-operate with Congressional investigations by declaring some sort of blanket executive privilege that doesn't exist reinforces the idea that only a sociopathic personality could have such a grandiose view of himself.

Between Bush and Cheney, the secretiveness of the Executive Branch would have made Nixon blush. The Freedom Of Information Act has been disregarded, subpoenas ignored, testimony under oath denied, and the true nature of this monster revealed itself at a press conference not too long ago when Bush told the gathered reporters " You can ask me all the questions you like, and I'll feign interest, you know, like I'm really thinkin' on it. Then I'll turn around and leave." And guess what? That's exactly what he did.

His self aggrandizement knew no bounds when in April of 2007, and not reported by mainstream media, Bush received a Purple Heart. You heard that correctly. The draft dodging son of elites was presented with a Purple Heart by three time Purple Heart recipient Bill Thomas of Copperas Cove, Texas, for what he and his wife perceived to be the deep emotional wounds the president had to bear. Instead of accepting the gift quietly via mail the way the Thomas's were going to send it, Bush had the couple flown to Washington to present him with it in the Oval Office. Or how about the statement from his wife Laura, who must suffer from the same delusional thinking as her husband, because when asked about how she felt about the soldiers in Iraq dying, she replied "No one suffers more than the President and I do. Tell that to the grieving families of the dead, or the maimed soldiers trying to get a prosthetic device on the V.A. waiting list.

How do we explain how George Bush became a sociopath other than his early drug use and being born with a silver spoon in his mouth? Maybe this will help just a little. After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, when thousands of refugees were packed into a stadium in Houston, his mother, Barabara Bush made the now infamous observation that the people who had just had their lives destroyed, lost loved ones and all their worldly possessions, had it better now because "these people were disadvantaged anyway, so this is working out well for them"? You know, they were JUST poor people. Sociopathy.

And so as the world awaits yet another bombing campaign from Junior with his finger on the button, is it not possible for the Cabinet to declare the president unfit to carry out the duties of his office? Oh, forget it. That would mean all the other sociopaths that George Bush handpicked for their positions would have to go against him, including madman Cheney. So it looks as though we are stuck in the nightmare of the realization that the president of the United States is completely off his rocker, we got suckered into putting him there, and we have no choice now other than to sit and watch the mad hatter and his merry band of sociopaths accelerate their desire to destroy America during these last five long months of his tenure. God help us all.........

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