Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Democrats To Vote Out Of Office

In what can be described only as the most stunning betrayal of voter trust in the history of our country, the Senate put an end to the debate on telecom immunity for their complicity in the crimes of President Bush and his administration. Giving the entire nation the middle finger, Congress has declared war on the American people and our Constitution by not only capitulating to the will of the worst president in the history of our country, but giving in to his demands for even more domestic spying powers.

With stories of satellite surveillance that can be used to further erode the protections of the Fourth Amendment, the Senate decide that the law breaking Bush could be trusted not to (wink wink) turn those cameras on Americans. What Bush could not accomplish in 2005 with a Republican majority in Congress, was handed over to him like milk money by the most spineless, treasonous group of Democrats to ever assemble in one place.

The FISA bill voted on could have been sent to the President with one of three proposed amendments on telecom immunity, but all three were voted down. Any of the proposed amendments, one of which was put forth by Republican Arlen Spector, would have allowed an investigation into exactly what the telecoms did that broke the law, and what further steps were needed to remedy the situation. But even though all three amendments were voted down with the help of Democrats, some of the very same Democrats who voted in favor of stripping telecom immunity out of the bill voted for it's passage without any amendments. These people, so far removed to the desires of Americans need to feel the wrath of the people when it comes time for re-election. Here are the names of the Democrats who voted FOR the passage of the new FISA bill: Bayh (Ind.), Carper (De.), Casey (Pa.), Conrad (ND.), Feinstein (Ca.), Innuoye (Hi.), Kohl (Wi.), Landrieu (La.), Lincoln (Ar.), McCaskill (Mo.), Mukulski (Ak.), Nelson (Neb.), Nelson (Fla.), Obama (Il.), Pryor (Ar.), Rockefeller (WV), Salazar (Co.), Webb (Va.), and Whitehouse (RI).

All of the above listed Democrats cut and ran from the rule of law in this country, and in order to gain any semblance of it back, voters must choose candidates that will vote in favor of repealing this scurrilous legislation, legislation that says it's ok for corporations and politicians to break the law, but you the People must obey the laws we pass. Even Barak Obama voted for final passage of the bill, and in a moment of "I told you so", Senator Hillary Clinton voted against it.

We've been had, and every Obama supporter, myself included, should give voice to our outrage and not make excuses as to why he voted to betray America. We understand why the Republicans voted in favor of this bill. They side with corporations every time. They stand shoulder to shoulder and vote the party line every single time. But why the Democrats handed Bush this victory is beyond all comprehension. The story of possible criminal liability is just that. Stories. It will never come to pass and we all know it.

There's nothing left to say except this. This November, and in November of 2010, when these Democrats come up for re-election, vote them out of office. To the state of Connecticut, please get Lieberman out of there. Betrayal is betrayal, and this is the granddaddy of them all. Right in your face, and with a middle finger at you to boot. I'm throwing my vote away this November and voting for Nader, because I will not vote for anyone who said that he would filibuster this legislation, then voted in favor of it for political gain. You do what you want, but now s not the time for voter capitulation. This is the time to express our outrage by emailing every Congressional office and bombarding them with phone calls. And then vote for someone with some backbone.

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