Friday, July 11, 2008

Busting Al-Bashir-Use A Cruise Missile Instead

Chief Prosecutor Ocampo of the International Criminal Court is seeking to have an arrest warrant issued for Sudan President al-Bashir, to bring him before The Hague for crimes against humanity and genocide. Having never been tried before with a sitting head of state, no one knows exactly what the procedure would be to actually arrest al-Bashir should a warrant actually be issued. If one were to judge from past actions of this monster from Khartoum, he'll kill more civilians in retaliation and thumb his nose at the international community once again.

Although the action taken by the ICC should be applauded, it should be noted that it has taken five long years to put a case together while the entire world has watched with horror as the massacres continued. A case against al-Bashir's henchman Ahmed Haroun was dismissed out of hand by the government of Sudan, as well as warrants for militia and Janjaweed terrorists. In fact al-Bashir showed his contempt for the rule of law and world opinion by elevating Haroun to the position of State Minister for Humanitarian Affairs.

Years of murder and mayhem, rape and pillage. Entire towns burned to the ground with people trapped inside, left to die an agonizing death by fire. Women systematically gang raped by state sponsored devils on horseback, then hacked to death while her children watched. Children being targeted for maiming, with their tiny hands cut off in order to prevent them from growing up and becoming revolutionaries against al-Bashir. Aid workers attacked and killed, food shipments stolen and diverted to government warehouses. And now the predicted killing of U.N. forces by what we all know was the Janjaweed, who would not have acted unless under direct orders from Satan's son in the capital city.

al-Bashir will never submit to any warrant from the ICC. This is purely a political smack down of the Sudanese President, one that will albeit make it almost impossible for him to travel outside his own country, and make it harder for any government to officially negotiate with what will then be considered officially as a criminal regime. But the killings will continue and probably gain momentum now that al-Bashir has no international prestige to pretend to be holding onto. Aid workers are already fleeing. The U.S. has pulled it's USAID people out, and the U.N. soldiers are on high alert.

With the joint U.N./A.U. force out manned, outgunned, and lacking for basic equipment such as helmets due to both Europe and the United States being derelict in providing the equipment, you can bet dollars to donuts that al-Bashir will order the killings of more U.N. soldiers. He knows, just as the rest of the world knows, that when U.N. soldiers start becoming the targets, they leave. And when that happens, and al-Bashir wins the test of wills, the real blood bath will ensue.

Innocent people who's only crime was being born are in danger of being starved to death, shot, stabbed, hacked, chopped, burned alive, bashed with tree limbs, imagine the most evil ways that a monster would kill or maim another human and it is already taking place. And about to get worse. It would seem that with all of the missiles that are flying around these days for testing, that just one errant cruise missile could find it's way to Sudan's Presidential Palace. You know, the one paid for with an $80 million loan from Chinese president Hu. It's located on Blue Nile Street, right next to the historical old Presidential Palace, and it's coordinates are 15o 34N 33o 36E. Because the only thing that this Saddam Hussein of Africa will ever understand is a flurry of military action aimed not at just his Janjaweed militias, his air force , and his military junta, but missiles that have his name printed on them. Hell, take out the new railroad and bridge paid for by China to help facilitate the flow of oil that funds this evil dictator also.

What's the old saying? Kill one to save a thousand. Make that several million. The international community, including the U.N., must make available the means to end this farce once and for all as soon as al-Bashir laughs in the world's face when he is served with the arrest warrant. Iran's launching missiles, China's launching missiles, the U.S. and Russia are testing missiles all the time. They can't all possibly stay on course now can they? Take al-Bashir out, and take him out now. One AGM-129A should do the trick. It's the only way left to stop the genocide.

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