Sunday, January 27, 2008

An Open Letter To Senators Clinton And Obama

Dear Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama, Never before in the history of our great nation, save for possibly the tribulations of our civil war, has there been a time when we have had to fight against a tyranny in our land so great and so dangerous to our way of life.

We have watched in horror, all the criminal actions of this current regime, and some of us have demanded an accounting for the crimes of a false war, the lies of a President and his entire Administration, the bankrupting of our treasury, and the cronyism that runs rampant in the capitol of our country.

The people have been stunned by an attack on our country that at the very least, the people in charge at the time should have been held accountable for such gross negligence, but instead were elevated into positions of even greater power and influence. That same attack has been used to justify illegal spying programs, and the use of ever growing technology against the very people the current regime claims they are trying to protect. Mainly, the American People.

The recent scramble to give blanket immunity to telecom corporations for their roles in facilitating the illegal spying programs against both criminal prosecution, and civil liability, all in the name of false patriotism, has shown once again where the heart of our government truly lies. When the House voted in favor of this immunity scam, they showed the People that they could not be counted on to do what was in the People's best interest, but once again, backed Corporate America, despite cries from the People to the contrary. This, despite the fact that these programs have been proven to not be about terrorism, due to their implementation before the events of 9/11/01.

Knowing this, and knowing of the vote to take place on Monday, January 28th, 2008, in the Senate, we have heard the news reports of the planned absence of both of you from this most important vote. We understand that you are running campaigns for higher office. We would also understand your absence from a vote that was dealing with naming a post office after someone. But we will not understand the absence from the voting on this issue that goes to the very heart of the rule of law in our country. The number of Senate votes needed to prevent this travesty from occurring is 41. Right now, the vote stands at 36. Were you to board your planes and head back to Washington, D.C., your two votes, and those of the eight other Senators who have endorsed you both, would be more than enough to stop these madmen from giving what amounts to a criminal conspiracy the legitimacy it needs to go on and flourish.

Both of you claim to be ready to lead. But you can not lead from the side lines. One or both of you must take the reigns and steer this ship of state back onto it's original heading, or we will all be lost at sea. This is your greatest challenge during this Presidential campaign. Will you stand with the American people, and prevent this pandering to corporations from taking place? Or will you show us that your campaigns are more important to you than the restoration of the rule of law in our country? The time is now, and you have it within both of your abilities to make it back in time for this vote, and within both of your abilities to lead by example, and to show us, the voters, who stands with US, and who does not.

To the rest of the country: We have the ability to show the media that this issue is more important to us than any campaign. Stop what you're doing and take a moment to email the media and tell them how you feel about this vote, and the planned vacancy of both Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama. The contact info is below. Batmanchester

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