Friday, January 18, 2008

How Mr. Bush Can Save $40 Billion Or More

President Bush today unveiled his economic stimulus plan intended to try to head off a recession in the United States. Anyone that has followed even a little of what Bush has done over the past seven torturous years knows that the maniac in charge always uses both made up and real life crisis' to do what the neo-cons always do, namely offer up yet more tax cuts.
Right thinking people's first reaction is that another $150 billion dollars worth of tax relief sounds pretty good, save the fact that Bush does not reveal how much an individual or family would actually receive under the tax relief plan.
So we went to the charts. We went and researched the GNP of the U.S. We went and figured out the total amount of U.S. foreign aid and where it's being spent. And we figured out where Mr. Bush could save at least $40 billion dollars a year, and use that money to give the American economy a quick shot in the arm.
Unknown to most Americans, whose knowledge of U.S. foreign aid is pretty much limited to the fact that we have some sort of program that disperses U.S. taxpayer dollars to other nations, and that's all they know, the United States' foreign aid system has become little more than a welfare program for multi national corporations. Everyone knows that a full 1/4 of all total U.S. foreign aid goes to the state of Israel, with Egypt being the second largest beneficiary, totalling about $5 or so billion, give or take a hundred million dollars. Why quibble about the small change? The rest of the money is distributed globally under various guises such as food aid programs, etc., but combined together, all of the various aid packages total about $40 billion to $45 billion dollars.
Here's the catch. The money doesn't go to the people the programs are set up to reach. With a wink and a nod from our Congress, the money is distributed to these foreign governments with the explicit understanding that they will use the money to enter into contracts with multi-national corporations for the services the recipient country needs, and in almost every case, the money was used to buy weapons.
Even Ron Paul, the Republican Presidential candidate, points out to us that in fiscal year 2007, the United States spent almost $1 billion dollars on something called the “Trade Capacity Enhancement Fund," which was nothing more than a bribery fund to foreign officials to enhance so called free trade agreements with the U.S. We've seen how Bush and company's 'free trade agreements' work. They often mean little more than the allowing of American corporations to open up shop in countries where the labor is a pittance of U.S. labor costs, and it spells the shipping of more American jobs overseas, paid for with your tax dollars. Ironic, wouldn't you say? We're paying for our own demise.
Going through the CRS Report For Congress, one can also see, in black and white, that the emphasis on foreign aid dollars, in the administration's mind, must be placed on combating 'terrorism', or in other words, foreign aid must be used to buy weapons from U.S. multi-national corporations.
Now we should give another huge tax cut to U.S. corporations at a time when our Treasury needs it the most? When we're spending how many billions a month on the phony wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Look, Mr. Bush, you can fool some of the people and all that. Why don't you just take Israel and Egypt off of the American welfare rolls and that would save any where from $16-18 billion dollars a year, cut off all 'military aid' to the rest of the world, and you have a total savings of at least $40-45 billion dollars, and use that money to end homelessness in the United States forever?
I understand that this would be an un-neoconservative thing to do, but would it not be in line with the 'Compassionate Conservative' theme you always espoused? Because taking a look at the cost of living increase scam pulled by you and the Congress this past Jan.1st, I don't see any compassion at all. What I see is an attempt to make yourself and the government appear as though you gave recipients of TANF and Social Security cost of living increases of about $20.00 per month, but what you didn't explain to the country was that people actually ended up with $5.00 less a month because of the formulas used in allotting food stamps. The increase in cash given to recipients caused a decrease in the amount of food stamps they were eligible to receive, so they actually gained nothing.
I say you take the $40 billion or so (a billion here, a billion there) dollars given to the military/industrial complex through these 'foreign aid' packages, and disperse it to programs intended to help Americans, such as reinstating the cuts made to LIHEAP, TANF, the Dept. of Agriculture's Food Stamp program, S.S.I., the Veteran's Administration, school lunch programs, etc etc etc. Maybe then people wouldn't be feeling the squeeze of the corporate welfare programs instituted and furthered by your administration, and you wouldn't go down in history as the President who tried to imitate Herbert Hoover. Batmanchester

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