Wednesday, January 2, 2008

James Baker 3rd, Or, Treason Be Not Far

Just his name conjures up the image of a sneaking, slithering, covered in oil snake, writhing through the blood of the innocents, and edging towards the wallets that have fallen out of the pockets of the dead. Sound like an extremely harsh description of a person who used to be the Secretary of State? Well, that may be so, but the wording, as you'll see, is completely appropriate for a man who should be in prison, along with people like Kissinger and Bush, for crimes against not only the American people, but humanity itself.
But to understand who this person is, one has to understand that he was not only Sec. of State, but has had his hands in the political machine for a very long time. Serving as Under Secretary of Commerce under Gerald Ford, he moved up the ladder quickly to become White House Chief of Staff under Ronald Reagan from '81 to '85, taking over as Treasury Secretary from '85 to the end of Reagan's term. From there, he was tapped to be Daddy Bush's Secretary of State, leaving that post to move directly back behind the curtain as Bush the 1st's Chief of Staff and Senior Counsel to the President. Since that time, with the cover of his law firm, Baker Botts, Baker has been an extremely active behind the scenes political figure, who along with people such as Kissinger, have driven the United States into some of the worst foreign policy disasters in our history. And then profited directly from the blood of others.
Another in a long long of far right wing fanatics, Baker was also a close advisor to the now shamed as another criminal, former U.N. Secretary Kofi Annan.
Associating with criminal elements is nothing new for this, another in the list of men behind the curtain, Baker's close association with Ken Lay of the Enron scandal, should have discredited him to perform in any capacity as advisor to a Texas school board, let alone be instrumental in dispatching advice to our government. Baker attended the funeral of Lay, a person who bilked California out of a fortune, and ruined the lives of countless Enron employees.
Not surprising to anyone then, this huckster, as Senior Counsel to the Carlyle Group, the secretive organization, who also happens to be the world's 9th largest defense contractor, Baker's ties extend deep into the military/industrial complex, with his tentacles stretching to the board rooms of the bankrupt Enron, Arthur Anderson, Global Crossing, the Saudi Royal family, and oh, by the way, the Bin Laden family. His close association with corporate entities such as Halliburton, who along with Dick Cheney, has reaped record windfall profits due to 'no-bid' contracts, shows just how far into the landscape that profits from death this man reaches.
Along with Cheney, Baker was instrumental in getting Israeli help in arming the Taliban in the first place, in order to further their goal of building a natural gas pipeline through Afghanistan to the Caspian sea. The thinking was that the Taliban would be more pliable, and they were for a time, until they saw that these guys were out to rip them off, and started balking at the terms of the deal. After that deal started to fall apart at the seams and Baker stood to lose for himself and his corporate clients billions of dollars, lo and behold, how fortunate for him that 9/11 came along! It was after 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan that the pipeline plans moved swiftly forward, under the puppet regime of former Unocal employee Karzai. It was also after 9/11 that Baker went and stood side by side with the Saudis to defend them against lawsuits by the victims of that vicious attack. That's right. James Baker sided against the victims of 9/11, but that should come as no surprise to anyone, as both he and the entire Bush clan have extensive dealings with the Saudi Royals, and also with the Bin Laden family itself.
Baker, if you remember, was also a major player in pushing for the Supreme Court to appoint Bush Junior President in the first place. Which makes one wonder, just whose policies we have been following these past seven long years. Have these ideas come from a President who can't even do a press conference without flubbing his lines? Or is the real answer the behind the curtain criminals, who wield great power, and use it to enrich themselves and their corporate buddies?
Baker also defied U.S. law in using the Israelis to collect a debt owed to the Korean Hyundai Engineering firm, by the former regime of Saddam Hussein. Since the Israelis were not bound by the sanctions against Iraq, Baker hired hired Nir Gouaz, president of Caesar Global Securities in Israel, to collect a debt from the Hussein regime in 1998. Baker Botts pocketed $30 million from that little end around the law. The Bank of Jordan was also involved in the transactions.
And after knowing all of these things about James Baker, his past failures, his close associations with criminal elements, and his utter disregard for the rule of law, why in the world was he even thought of to run the Iraq Study Group? The so called bi-partisan study group was a scam at the outset, designed to force the Democrats opposed to the war to accede to the wishes of the power brokers by locking them into a prolonged war, that would eventually be phased out in favor of moving into Iran.
"Success depends on unity of the American people at a time of political polarisation ... Foreign policy is doomed to failure - as is any action in Iraq - if not supported by broad, sustained consensus." These were the words of Baker and his crony co-chair, Lee Hamilton, in announcing the 'bi-partisan' panel. In other words, if anything goes wrong with the Iraqi plan, it would be the fault of the American people, for not trusting in the wisdom of their would be God like leaders. But now, as the death toll in Iraq has reached the point that more Americans have died over there than did on 9/11 itself, these hyenas extol the 'lower' death rate of American servicemen and women, and claim success, while ignoring completely the Iraqi civilians who are slaughtered routinely and daily.
Doctoring numbers to make it appear as though the violence is down does not jive with the car bombs exploding daily, with the children whose limbs are blown off of their tiny bodies, nor does it account for the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, who now control close to half of the country again.
No matter what party you back, or where your political leanings may take you, the time has come to reject out of hand these Cold War era charlatans, whose only goal is to enrich themselves while slyly waving the flag of patriotism to gather the people to their cause. Like stunned lemmings, we rush over the cliff, as these monsters stand off to the side, sighing with relief that no one has noticed the scam they are perpetrating. They have the entire globe so frightened as to what they will pull next, that the Russians are rebuilding a newer and better nuclear arsenal, as are the Chinese. Maybe that was the game plan all along. Restart the Cold War, in order to further line the pockets of their corporate masters, to the detriment of the rest of us. If that's the case, which of course, we all know in our hearts it is, then these are not patriotic men serving their country in a time of need. These are traitors, who started the mess in the first place for nothing more than money, and should be arrested for such, not held in places of esteem.
Do a little checking on any of the cold war era politicos, and you'll find their filthy fingerprints all over everything that's going wrong today. To me, people like Baker are traitors, and should be treated as such. Batmanchester


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