Friday, January 4, 2008

China Drowning In Blood And Oil

Why in the world anyone thinks that China will ever force the Sudanese government of Al-Bashir to enact the United Nations' resolution concerning the genocide and atrocities being committed on a daily basis in Darfur, is beyond comprehension to even a passing observer at this point. Slipping from the headlines as the U.N. announced that they were sending in 20,000 peacekeeping forces to replace the fatigued, out manned and outgunned African Union force, the world remains largely ignorant of the latest stunt pulled by Al-Bashir, in that he insisted, after the deal was already in place, to allow for no more than the same size U.N. force as the relieved African Union force.

In other words, only 9,000 Peacekeepers would be allowed in, and then be restricted to the same exact areas that the African Union soldiers were. This is nothing new for the murderer from Sudan. He has played the entire world for suckers time and time again with his bait and switch deal signings, all the while allowing his Janjaweed militias to run rampant through the unprotected camps of the unarmed refugees, raping, maiming children, and murdering at will.

The question that is usually asked by most whenever the subject of Darfur is brought up is "Why doesn't anyone do anything about this?" Well, the answer can be summed up in one word: China.

The Chinese government, being the major player in Sudan, where just a few years ago, our talking heads and our government tried to give the impression that there wasn't any oil or anything else of value in that country, supplies the Sudanese government with arms and equipment in return for the oil they also help to extract from the ground. Turning a blind eye to the slaughter of an entire people should come as no shock to any in the world who will remember that the Chinese government has killed many of their own citizens, and so this slaughter of innocent men, women and children must certainly seem as little more than an internal affair within the Sudanese government.

But that does not speak to the fact that China is about to host the Olympic Games, the gathering of athletes designed to promote peace and harmony in all nations. Will the Chinese team be wearing uniforms bearing the colors black and red, to represent the oil and the blood that is on the hands of their leaders? Because all China would have to do to force an end to this rampage of death and mutilation would be to warn Al-Bashir that the gravy train will end unless he adheres to the U.N. resolution to the letter. But we know they won't do that, as the Chinese fought every step of the way against the resolution, so as not to anger their hosts in Sudan, or at least not until they sucked up every ounce of oil they can.

So as the government of China swims in an ocean that is filled with blood and oil, Al-Bashir, the demon in Khartoum, laughingly orders his men to go about their daily routine of chopping the hands off of little children, gang raping women, then dousing them with gasoline, and setting them ablaze. He orders the men in villages to be lined up and hacked to death to save ammunition, then burns down refugee camps and villages in a bid to force others to flee west to Chad, where they are not welcome either. No one wants to help these people. No one wants to take them in. And when the few who try to help get killed, no outcry is forthcoming.

With all due respect and condolences to the family of John Granville, the murdered U.S. diplomat who was stationed in Khartoum, it took an act of violence against a U.S. diplomat for the U.S. to insist on investigative teams to be allowed in to find out what happened to Mr. Granville. Maybe while they're on the ground in Sudan, they can follow the devils on horseback around and witness for themselves the horror show that goes on daily.

As for the Chinese, unless they step up to the plate immediately, and force Al-Bashir to accept the rest of the U.N. force, all 20,000 of them, then the nations of the world that like to pretend that they still have consciences should boycott the Chinese Olympics and let the Chinese government know that this unacceptable acceptance of genocide will not go unpunished nor be forgotten. Despite the downplay in MSM of the numbers of dead civilians, gang raped women, and mutilated children, organizations that are on the ground there trying desperately to get the attention of the world, put the death toll at 500,000 or more dead, millions upon millions of people displaced, and tell tales of raging militias setting the entire countryside afire.

Let the Chinese compete against themselves in the pool of blood and oil they are complicit in building while the rest of the world steers clear of association with an Olympics that is hosted by a government that allows the slaughter to continue. And let the U.S. government start backing up their words with at the very least calling for the boycotting of these gore drenched games, China be damned. Batmanchester

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