Sunday, January 6, 2008

Al-Qaida Here, Al- Qaida There, Al-Qaida Everywhere!

One look at the 'news' making headlines on most of the MSM web sites this morning, and one has to wonder whether or not an mass scale land invasion of the United States by an army called Al-Qaida is imminent. With some sites boasting no less than FOUR headlines on their web site front pages dealing with stories about Al-Qaida, we again have to question the timing of such stories, as we once had to question the veracity of the stories in 2001 about the bombers with baby carriages.

Is there a threat called Al-Qaida? Most certainly. Would they like to do us harm? Of course they would. But is there a boogeyman in your closet, or is that man behind the 'bushes' on the corner really Michael Myers, or the medias' exaggeration of him? Think about what period we are entering into once again, and what tired old same stories are re-appearing. Just as in 2004, we are starting to be bombarded with 'new' videos, minus the person of course, just the voice, or so we are told, from the great boogeyman himself, Osama Bin Laden. Uh, I thought he was dead? Whatever. Even if he isn't, and even if he did make some sort of tape, why should we care? Why does the media give these cretins the type space or the air time? And why are they trying to foment yet another atmosphere of fear just before another Presidential election that means more than almost any other in this country's history?

Could it be because the media is not quite so left leaning as the corporations behind them would have us believe? I mean, besides the defense industry, which can not survive without the deaths of others, owns the vast majority of all media in this country, they wouldn't be trying to frighten you like little children, into voting for the most hawkish candidate would they? Do you think it possible that Al-Qaida threatened the U.S. media into reporting on their every move, every word, made up or otherwise, and the U.S. media acquiesced to their demands? Could all of this hyped up, color coded threat be nothing more than smoke and mirrors to distract and deflect from the real issues going on today?

You know, like traitors in the Oval Office, who should have been impeached right after 9/11 by their own party, but that wasn't bloody likely was it?

How about if the media stops trying to turn everyone's attention away from the elephants that are already in the room, such as illegal wire tapping, water boarding tapes, lie after lie coming out of the mouth of the President, and his annoyingly smug, prissy little mouth piece, Perino? I know stories get old and stale to the go go go types that sit in the board rooms, and are always seeking to generate excitement and fear in order to boost sales and ad revenue, as well as help their corporate bosses by possibly fooling Americans into backing yet another call to war, but don't you think that maybe we should be concentrating our efforts instead on helping to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure of our country, considering that it's falling down around us?

Yesterday's breaking of the levees in Nevada, (yes, in NEVADA), drowning out an entire town, should be another alarm bell going off for all of us, not this Al-Qaida nonsense being drilled into our heads. Maybe the media should be all over the idiot in chief demanding to know where the money is to rebuild the bridges, roads, levees, dams, airport runways, subways, water ways, or the countless other things that are cracking and getting ready to break, and some already have. Oh. Wait. I forgot. It's all in Iraq and the Pentagon to fight the war on a word that defies logic. And I'm still waiting for someone in the media to step up and get to the bottom of that missing 12 Billion dollars that disappeared out of Baghdad International Airport. Still no answer from that front.

Al-Qaida says, Al-Qaida did, thought to be linked to Al-Qaida, Al-Qaida backed, Al-Qaida diddly do wah wah, and so on and so on. Give it a rest already, because when the roof actually does fall and we all know it may again, no one will believe it, because of irresponsible journalists who try to sell ad space by hyping a fear mentality, when we could just watch the Playoffs. Batmanchester

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