Monday, December 3, 2007

Supreme Court Proves Who They Work For

Today's refusal by the Supreme Court to even get involved in the case involving Rep. Jim McDermott and Sen. John Boehner should serve as notice to the American people as to whom this Court actually works for. It isn't the American people as a whole, but the Republican party.

In a case that stems back some ten years, the Court refused to consider the case wherein it was alleged by Boehner that McDemott had invaded his privacy by releasing a taped conference call involving Boehner, Newt Gingrich, and staffers. The tape had been received by McDermott by a Florida couple, who overhearing the phone conversation on a police scanner, recorded it, because they realized that what these men were talking about was breaking the law.

McDermott went public with the tape, giving it to the press, which is just one of the reasons that led to Gingrich's eventual resignation.

Boehner, on the other hand, was so outraged that his civil rights had been violated by McDermott, you know, the right to PRIVACY, that he has dragged McDermott through the legal system for ten years, in order to punish the man for revealing what was essentially an attempt to commit fraud on the American people by Boehner and Gingrich.

As the case wound it's way through the appellate courts, the legal fees and judgements against McDermott amounted to almost one million dollars. There were no less than eighteen news organizations involved on the side of McDermott, but we all know by now that this government, all branches of it, have been stifling the voice of the press for many years, and could care less what they think.

Chief Justice Roberts did not even participate in the case at all, and refused to give a reason for his decision. But the ruling itself should give proof to the sham that has beset us in this country as a whole. Because the implications are clear as day, even to a casual observer.

This same Supreme Court, who has allowed this administration to run roughshod over our Constitution, who has allowed for the invasion of privacy of every other American, refused to consider this case, due to the exposure it would have given to the issue of the privacy rights of Americans as a whole. They were not about to open that can of worms now were they?

What they have done by not making a stand in this case, is to say to the rest of us, that the Republican party may break the law, get caught at it, but if you tattle on them, you're going to pay the price. That the Republican party may enjoy freedom from eavesdropping or recorded phone conversations, but the rest of America does not.

Bear in mind that this Supreme Court has sided with this Administration over illegal wiretapping, domestic spying, etc. etc. But only when it comes to the violation of the rights of you and I, not the rights of Republican lawmakers.

John Boehner doesn't need to shed any tears today, now does he? He can laugh all the way to the bank, with his unbelievably hypocritical stance on his own privacy rights, but his voting for the destruction of the privacy of the rest of America. We've all seen chutzpah when it comes to politics, the courts, and how they conduct the people's business, but this one has to be nominated for the political hall of shame. Make votes and speeches about the need for the government to spy on Americans, for their own safety of course, then sue someone else for violating his privacy, while he was involved in a scheme to get Gingrich off the hook for breaking the law in the first place. I believe the phrase for that is criminal conspiracy, but, no kidding, neither Boehner, Gingrich, or anyone else involved were ever charged, and now they never will be.

But I imagine it doesn't hurt when the Supreme Court of The United States is on the payroll of your political party now does it? The Supreme Court, by it's own hypocritical stance in this case, once again shows that it could care less about the rule of law, but only cares about helping the neo-cons further their agenda, which is what they were appointed to do. Maybe it's time for the American people to be able to ELECT Supreme Court judges, with term limits, so we can get fair and balanced representative rulings or non rulings from the Court, instead of bought and paid for duckings on issues as important as individual privacy. Batmanchester

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