Friday, December 14, 2007

Gannet Media Decides What You Need To Hear

The farcical reasoning behind the Des Moines Register's exclusion of yet another Democratic contender in the race for President is yet another example of dirty politics being played behind the scenes by our defense contractor controlled corporate media. It was bad enough when MSM was crowning Hillary Clinton Queen of America, and basically deciding the election for the United States a year before any primary had even taken place, but when they start to exclude candidates on the basis of money they have raised, or the even more hypocritical claim that a candidate doesn't have a campaign office in the state, then maybe it is finally time for Americans to have their own debate, online, that includes every candidate that wants to participate.

The Register, owned by Gannet Media Inc., also owns such fine bastions of right wing thinking such as USA Today, The Military Times and Defense News. So should it really come as any surprise to us that the candidate who speaks openly and defiantly about ending the wars of convenience, stopping the spread of military spending to the detriment of other social programs, impeachment proceedings against the war criminals in the White Hose, and helping the poor and the middle class regain some self respect, was the candidate that was chosen to be excluded from the non debate?

Mike Gravel was also excluded from the debate because of his similar stances, but the hypocrisy shows up in full military dress when one realizes that former Ambassador Alan Keyes was allowed to participate in the Register's Republican debate, despite the fact that he doesn't have a campaign office in the state of Iowa either. The only other debate that Keyes has even participated in was one held on Sept. 27th, in Baltimore, and if they even try to start with the money as a factor reasoning, they'd better check their facts first. Keyes, besides being the longest shot in the history of Presidential races, has raised about 75 thousand dollars total for his campaign, while Kucinich rivals Bill Richardson in fund raising, which translates into millions of dollars.

We no longer, or maybe have not had for a long time and are just now seeing it for the first time, open and honest elections, where fair play was the rule. What we have is a media that whittles down the candidates at the direction of the corporations that own them, until they get it down to the two choices they figure will do their bidding the best. This time around the media tried to foist another Clinton on us, but the backlash against that idea is taking hold, as people are becoming more aware of what is really going on due to internet bloggers.

Not only that, but had the other Democratic candidates had any guts, any spine at all, they would have resisted this censorship of a Presidential candidate, and boycotted this phony debate altogether.

And so, once again, a candidate for the highest office in the land is silenced by the media. But only if we allow it. Despite what the corporate mega buck world may think, we the people, can do something to stop them from stomping out the voices they don't want the public to hear from. It doesn't matter whether or not you are right, left, or middle of the road, this issue affects us all. As Americans, we believe in decency, fair play, and everyone getting the same chance as the next person. And so it doesn't matter either if you agree with Dennis Kucinich on the issues, or whether you would never vote for him. What does matter is that we should be able to make that informed decision ourselves, and not have it made for us in the board room of some multi-national conglomerate. (Yes, Gannet owns overseas media also.) Here's Gannet Media's contact info, just in case, you know, you felt like telling them how you feel:

Gannett Co., Inc.
7950 Jones Branch DriveMcLean, VA 22107
Voice (703) 854-6000

Tell the media to stop trying to make our voting decisions for us. Tell them to allow us to hear all points of view from anyone that wants to give it, and not just the ones who fit into their neat little never ending war scenario. Tell them we have had enough, and there are other ways to get information that isn't cherry picked, and packaged into what they want you to believe. Tell them that in the United States, we believe in equal opportunity for all, and you'll not only be making a stand against corporate media censorship, but you'll be making a stand for every single American, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party, and any other political leaning person alike. Batmanchester

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