Monday, December 24, 2007

A Christmas Message For Our Troops And Veterans

To all of our men and women who serve in the Military of the United States, every American, whether they agree or disagree with the mission that you have been tasked with, or whether or not we agree with the political decisions being made in Washington D.C., extend to you, our bravest and finest all of our sincerest best wishes this Christmas Eve.

Your sacrifices are what makes it possible for the rest of us to sit under our lit up trees, safe in the knowledge that there are some among us who stand guard at the gate. We sit down on the morrow to feastings and laughter only because you forego such festivities, manning radar and sonar stations, in the skies above us, deep below the oceans of our world, and in fierce desert winds.

We thank you for what you protect us from, and raise our glasses to you on this day, indeed, on every day, because without you, there could be no us.

You have stood your ground in the worst of circumstances, providing Americans the security to go about their daily lives, getting little recognition, and sometimes the shaft after you returned home. But know that at least some of us, nay, that most of us, keep all of you in our thoughts and our prayers as we celebrate this Holiday season.

For those of you who have answered the call, and who save others who face utter disaster in their lives, whether it be natural or man made disasters, a salute in the highest order is due, and hereby raised to recognize you and yours.

May the blessings of whatever God you believe in keep you and hold you safely until you return home, and for those of you who have already served, we pray that the worst is over for you and your families, and that this government realize that you are not expendable in the minds of the citizens of our country, but deserve to be treated with all the respect that can be mustered, with all available aid offered out to you willingly, and not forced to be given in some begrudged form. Things will get better for you and your families. The American people demand it, and so it shall be.

Let this little note, written from the heart of a grateful American, echo the sentiments of the vast majority of us, who know and understand the ordeals and the trials that our service members go through, and we collectively raise our glasses of toddy or eggnog, or apple cider, and say to all of our troops, past and present, Happy Holidays and stay safe. Whether you be in Al A'Zamiyah, Senjaray, Okinowa, or Ft. Hamilton, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Peace be unto those who celebrate Eid El Fitr, and may the new year ring in the homecoming of all of you. Batmanchester

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