Saturday, December 15, 2007

Israel Acting Like The Nazis They Hated

When the U.S. Intelligence Community issued the latest estimates on the Iranian nuclear program, stating that to the best of their knowledge, the Iranians had abandoned their ambitions to own weapons of mass destruction more than three years ago, the Israelis almost had a heart attack. They fully expected that Prime Minister Olmert would be able to lead the U.S. down the road to war once more by providing us with their own version of 'intelligence' through MOSSAD. Not caring about the death and destruction such a war may have caused for the United States, they would have watched gleefully from the sidelines as the sands of the Middle East ran red with both American and Arab blood on a scale that would have been on par with World War Two.

The Israeli government is lambasting the Intelligence Report, and going so far as to warn us here in the U.S. that if we don't change our minds, there may be a 'catastrophic war' in the Middle East.

To be sure, the Iranians are no little angels. As the talks were going on in Annapolis, the Iranians were busy test firing their newest toy, called the Shihab-3, which has a range of 1,250 plus miles, and is capable of striking not only Israel, but Western Europe as well. But if we step back and consider the consequences of any sort of Iranian action towards Israel or any of our Allies, does anyone truly believe that Iran does not know that their entire nation would cease to exist as soon as their first missiles left the launch pads?

The Israelis have become quite adept over the years in influencing U.S. policy to the detriment of the American people. Touted as our staunchest allies and a true friend to the United States, all one has to do is look at the plight of the Palestinian people and that should put the relationship to the test. What happened to the Jewish people during World War Two in the ghettos of Warsaw, is now being perpetrated on the Palestinians by the very same survivors of Hitler's infamous techniques.

Put aside all talk of Israel's right to exist where it does, because the fact is that they are where they are, and they're not going anywhere. They have as much right to their own country as anyone else. But what about the Palestinians?

The IRC just released a report calling the deterioration of conditions in the Palestinian Territories a humanitarian crisis on par with some of the world's worst suffering by any single people. The Israelis routinely carpet bomb villages and towns in the West Bank and Gaza, purportedly to go after terrorist cells, or what they suspect are terrorist cells. Women and children? Bah. Collateral Damage. Poisoned drinking water? Too bad. And as the suffering increased over the last 40 years of Israeli occupation, they have restricted the movement of the Palestinian people to the point that most are unable to cross borders in order to find work, and so unemployment is skyrocketing out of control, the people are starving, living in hovels and tin shacks, and suffering in conditions comparable to the conditions that the Jewish people suffered in the Warsaw ghetto.

But as the suffering increased, a few Palestinians tried to resist, in much the same manner that the Jewish people in the Warsaw ghetto tried to resist their own extermination. Labeled as 'terrorists', it gave the Israeli government the excuse they needed to further their own brand of genocide against the Palestinian people. They have shut off the flow of electricity and clean drinking water to the Palestinian Territories, causing sickness, suffering, and death.

To make matters worse, when the Palestinians decided to try to grow their own food, and raise their own livestock for their starving population, the Israeli government set up a road block system designed not to protect against any threat, but to prevent farmers from accessing their own land, and the ones that did manage to harvest a crop were denied the ability to bring that food to the market places.

The international community is about to deliver billions of dollars in aid to the Palestinian Authority, but it will be meaningless if the Israeli stranglehold on the economic life of the Territories is not lifted. And it won't be. With so many dual Israeli/American citizens in high places throughout our governemnt, there will be no change in policy, nor any pressure on the Israeli government to end the genocide of a people who only want their own state and to live out peaceful lives. To make a better world for their children.

Yes, of course there are people fighting the Israelis in the Palestinian Territories. But has anyone stopped to wonder just how much of it would calm down if the Israelis would stop pushing for the extermination of all Arab countries? Let's not delude ourselves any longer about the realities of the world at large. We ended up in a war in Afghanistan due to the Taliban. Who trained the Taliban how to fight, and helped them rise to power in the first place? Why, the Israelis! Supposed enemies, they trained the Taliban fighters in Pakistan, but that's an issue for another day. So is the fact that when convienient to them, the Israelis were not above attacking U.S. ships, their main ally.

The point is that the Israelis have allowed themselves to become what they hate most in the world, and remind us of every chance they can, the Nazis. Just as Hitler tried to wipe out the Jewish people, so too the Israelis now try to exterminate the Palestinians. And the administration may twist words about Iran saying they were going to wipe Israel off of the map, but a reading of that speech shows the lie to that also.

Unconditional support for the Israeli government is a long held fallacy in our foreign policy and must be changed. Supporting a regime that kills women and children, and causes the suffering of millions upon millions of people should not be something that Americans are proud of, but we should be holding that government to the same exact standards of humane conduct in which we hold every other nation in the world.

Israel must stop the genocide and give the Palestinians back their self respect, their own state, resume the electricity and water, and allow farmers to grow food for their people, millions of whom are now suffering from the effects of malnutrition, or we should cut off the 10 billion annual tax payer dollars to Israel until they comply. Period. Batmanchester


Anonymous said...

Fuck you scumbag! Israel is the only country in the world that has the balls to exterminate Arabs like the scum they are.

Anonymous said...

ISRAEL, ISRAEL ISRAEL and NOTHING but ISRAEL has been the cause of 9/11, the WAR in Iraq and all our US problems in the ME. ANY half-brained American should know that!!!
I, as an petriotic American Veteran do know it, my only hope is that the VOTERS of the next CIC will WAKE-UP and vote accordingly, or we're DOOMED just like Rome 2000years ago has self-distructed due to YOU KNOW WHO...., just keep listening to Lieberman who just indorsed McCain and you'll know that we are on our way to HELL ....