Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To Submit Meekly Or To Exercise Your Rights

Submission to authority has been drummed into the heads of every person on the planet. Virtually universal in demanding compliance, governments lay down a set of laws to be followed by the populace, albeit, in most cases, to maintain some semblance of order.

In times past, the People of the United States had no real way of understanding the abuses of power that were perpetrated upon them, and so unwittingly contributed to ever growing intrusions of government into their lives. Ignorance being bliss, the People accepted the status of being little more than producing cattle, while those in charge of government and industry plotted the destruction of our Constitution and our way of life.

A side note here if you'll indulge, would be to openly state that the recent economic collapse did not just 'happen', but was an orchestrated event planned over the space of several years. One of the most cunning ways to erode a populations standard of living is to cause an economic emergency, that forces them to accept less pay for their labor, and feel lucky to be able to have work available at all. Why Americans are not marching on the White House and the criminal Treasury Department causes consternation in protesters of yesterday, who claim this generation to be the most weak willed in our history.

When trying times have beset our nation in times past, there was never any hesitation in the minds of the civil minded to take to the streets in protest. No hesitation to shut down by strike corporate entities or indeed the entire country when misdeeds by either corporate or government entity were detected. So terrifying in it's implication, civil disobedience by the public has caused a massive effort to be undertaken to relieve Americans of the notion that they are free to exercise their Constitutional right to petition for redress. The common wisdom prevailing now in the new country forged by the right wing fascists dictates that should you even try to disobey or make waves, you will be tased, you will be beaten, you will be taking a trip to jail and the courthouse.

We have all been witness to the anti war protesters being tased and arrested in recent years. We have been silent witnesses to the rise of free speech holding cells, the designated, away from the public view in many cases, ares where you are allowed to protest. The areas where civic minded Americans go to make their displeasure known, only to be photographed, identified, infiltrated by police entities, and placed in a data base of 'terrorists'.

Even those who wish to strike and protest against their employers have been arrested in recent years. One case that made the news this year were the 39 employees of Disneyland that were protesting the low wages and lack of medical insurance that Disney provided. Dressed as Disney characters, the police swooped in with batons swinging. You do not protest against corporations in this new America.

The elections have also shown that you are not allowed to hold protests against the government, with police in St. Paul raiding the staging areas of groups planning to march, and arresting rally leaders pre-emtively. Arresting people before they have even done anything at all would smack of thought crimes, and those arrested are most likely the first thought criminals in the history of this country. Used by the likes of Stalin and Hitler, the methods once abhorred and anathema to everything this nation stood for, are now becoming common place, and seen as just the way things are by too many of our people.

Questions linger in the minds of many Americans as to the validity of a government run amok, a government no longer of the People, by the People, nor for the People, but those questions can not be publicly voiced, lest one be automatically labeled a 'malcontent', a 'terrorist sympathizer', or somehow 'Unamerican'. It is this lie that has been shoved down the throats of the People for so long that now allows a Supreme Court Justice to declare that executing an innocent man is just dandy, because the people demand retribution for a heinous crime. The long held tenet of ten guilty men going free rather than executing one innocent man has been reversed by this extremist Court, and so, very soon, America will be witness to the murder of Troy Davis by their government.

The time has come for Americans to reject these new notions of absolute power by a government that feeds war machines and corporate criminals. Our society must understand that those who practice civil disobedience are protecting the rights of all of us, and can not be jailed or tased or beaten at the whim of the also run amok police. Instead, Americans must join in the protests, if not physically, then on the internet through emails, or by telephone. Flooding an email box or jamming a phone line is another quite effective way to show displeasure, and in and of itself, can be a form of civil disobedience.

One thing the People had better realize and realize it quickly, is that the day is fast approaching wherein there will be zero tolerance for protest or civil disobedience, a time when Americans will be forced to sit meekly by while an outgoing administration blatantly robs the Treasury of the People, giving all of the money to their corporate friends. Oh. That just happened didn't it? Where is the outcry? Is everyone too cowed by the threat of violence by the government should they march on the Capitol of OUR nation? It would seem that way.

Those who protest are true patriots, although to the far right extremists they are to be feared. They fear them because they represent a tearing down of fascism, a long held dream of Corporate America, and a dream they are watching die in front of their faces. Protesters are a threat to the very foundation of the old Cold Warriors' way of life, a life of war, death, killing, and ripping off taxpayer dollars.

So, go out and protest something you don't agree with. Fire off an email to someone right now, just to let them know you're are of what they are up to. Pick up the phone and give someone an earful about the status quo and demand change. And when you hear of non violent protesters being tased, or beaten, or arrested, howl as loudly as your voice can carry. Scream the primal screams of a wounded animal. The sounds of your anger will carry to their intended recipients, and they will tremble with fear of their own. Fear of an aroused and awakened populace and the fear that there is a multitude that is aware of their actions. Do not be cowed by the government, nor their corporate masters. Remember, despite what the far right claims, America is our nation, corporations are NOT people, and we have the right to protest any damned thing we like.

Do it now. Don't put it off until tomorrow. Whatever it is that's bothering you, whether it's a candidate for office, one that's in office, a law you disagree with, an action taken by the government, or just a parking ticket you disagree with, do something about it. Don't allow this country to fall into the old Soviet style standard of living by silent acquiescence, and watch quietly as more restrictive laws are passed on your rights as an American. Let them put us ALL, 300 million of us, on the stupid 'watch lists'. Won't it be funny to watch the airlines go out of business because no one is allowed to fly? And just think, no more fear of being strip searched in order to board a flight! It's up to us to stop this madness, so get moving and let's roll....................

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