Friday, October 10, 2008

An Open Letter To Bill And Hillary Clinton

Dear Mr. President and Senator Clinton,

Clearly you know of the negative attacks on Barak Obama by John McCain and Sarah Palin. Attacks that are the sleaziest and slimiest of their kind since the days of the criminal Huey Long of Louisiana. The desperation that emanates from the McCain campaign is palpable, and they have begun to resort to tactics that any one with any respect for the United States would shy away from. Inciting crowds to violence, they hope to distract the people from the dangerous times facing our nation, and the fact that they are already attempting to commit voter fraud in several states.
But the one thing that could clinch this election and push Obama so far ahead of the Republican camp is sorely missing. That is the voices of Bill and Hillary Clinton leading the charge against this disgusting last minute vileness unbecoming of any U.S. politician, let alone a Senator and a Governor of a state. Were the voice of a President, much beloved by the people of this country to this day, to make a major statement concerning the conduct of the campaign of John McCain, it might just force Senator McCain to talk about the issues, and leave the attacks alone.

If Senator Clinton were to tackle the problem of Sarah Palin's uncountable lies, well, who better to attack this little puppy than the real pit bull of the Senate? There could be no cries from any side of sexism at that type of counter attack now could there?

Both of you have served your country, and we are all sure that Mrs. Clinton has the tenacity to make another run for the White House in 2016. And of course , she will win. But in order for that atmosphere to even be available come that time in our future, the nation needs to loudly hear your voices now, lest the Republicans that have led us down the road to ruin be allowed to steal yet another election, and force us to follow them down the path of destruction.

Those of us who back a new direction for the country have waited breathlessly for both of your voices to rally undecided voters to our cause. But yet, there has been a disconcerting silence from the two people in this country who could easily attack the McCain/Palin ticket on two fronts at the same time, and do so loudly enough that people will listen.

President Clinton could be pointing out the Clinton Presidency, and the gains that were made, the budget surpluses, the sunnier skies, and the hope that was felt by all. Senator Clinton could actually challenge Sarah Palin on the issue of experience, and an attack by her could not be so easily dismissed.

Although it can be argued that you have given speeches backing Barak Obama and Joe Biden, the attention given to them was weak at best and had virtually no impact. Remembering back to 1991, when President Clinton campaigned in the so called Republican stronghold states, there was more than a couple of those states that turned blue that year. The nation needs that same campaigner to do it once again, because this time, the stakes are so much higher.

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, our nation is in peril. Not some abstract possible threat that may or may not occur. The threat is here, it is happening, and it threatens the very foundation of our great country. To have the power and authority to command the attention of those of us who are still undecided by using the oratory gifts that both of you possess and not use that power to minimize the attention being heaped upon the Mccain campaign by the mainstream media would be an act of selfishness, and no one believes either of you to be that. Much respected both within the Democratic Party and without, a major attack on the McCain campaign by both of you could be the final nail in the coffin of the vicious, spinning out of control campaign of John McCain.

It would help greatly were one or both of you to appear at a campaign event of either Senator Obama or Senator Biden. It would show the voters who voted for Mrs. Clinton during the primaries that we are one Party, and not a divided house. There is too much at stake here for hurt feelings or future political posturing to get in the way of stopping an even bigger disaster from being foisted upon us all. The disaster of a Palin/McCain administration that would completely decimate the very nature of the United States, cause untold misery for millions of Americans, and hatred of our country the world over.

Help us stop this monstrously vast right wing conspiracy once and for all Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. Stand side by side with the Democratic candidates and use your major voices to stamp out the fies being lit by the filthy rhetoric of an out of control right wing who would and will go to any lengths, including violence, to try to steal this election. Both of you have been victims of that right wing playbook. Don't sit by the sidelines and allow the rest of us to be continued victims of the furtherance of the Bush years, and the vast neo-con fascist agenda. In the end, we, the American people, know you will do the right thing. And the right thing here is a loud rebuke of the tactics of the campaign of Sarah Palin and John McCain.

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Burr Deming said...

Before we make a choice we may regret for the next four years, the accusations against Barack Obama should be carefully considered, as they are here.