Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Republican Party Is A Terrorist Organization

The very second that the Republican Party unleashed it's latest false flag attack on Barak Obama by using tactics intended to induce fear in the populace their message was aimed at, they ceased to be a political party and transformed themselves instantly into what we have known all along they truly were, mainly, a terrorist organization.

Just as sure as Al-Qaeda launched attacks against the United States that were intended to "attack our freedoms", the new talking points from the Republicans that defame Obama by falsely associating him with Ayers are little more than an Al-Qaeda type of propaganda campaign induced to take away, through fear, Americans right to choose who to vote for in the upcoming election.

Sarah Palin, the Republican's laughing stock Vice-Presidential pick, who did not even know that the campaign of John McCain had pulled out of the state of Michigan, has been the water bearer for these latest scurrilous attacks. But when one lives in a very fragile glass house, it would seem to an intelligent person that one would not be throwing boulders about.

Palin and her husband Todd were both members of a terrorist organization called The Alaska Independence Party. An organization dedicated to the secession of Alaska from the United States by any means possible, including violence. While both claim to have left that organization years ago, the fact that Palin, as Governor of Alaska, addressed the A.I.P.'s convention this year, where she told members and friends of hers to "keep up the good work." Part of the A.I.P.'s method of attack against the United States are openly stated and include infiltrating major political parties. Which Sarah Palin, with the backing of radicals in Alaska, apparently did. The A.I.P. also advocates for the violent overthrow of the U.S. Government. Is this a view shared by Palin? One can not know, because she refuses to speak to the question.

It would also seem to a rational person who was under investigation for abuse of power, that one would not wish to be attacking another person's character. Almost criminal in it's dereliction of duty, the mainstream media has pretty much allowed the 'Troopergate' story to disappear from the pages of our news, when it should be of the highest priority. Can anyone hold any illusions as to what this person will do once in office should they manage to gather enough sheep to pull off yet another stolen election? And family values? Her own teen aged daughter is pregnant, and all of a sudden, her paramour has a shotgun wedding in his near future. And having an affair that she continues to lie about with her husband's business partner, Brad Hanson, certainly doesn't show that gosh darned all American girl look either.

John McCain's 'maverick' status was always suspect at best, but his reputation now swirls down the toilet of history. While he sits and tries to impugn the patriotism of Barak Obama, he tries desperately to avoid any questions about his days in Vietnam. He'll tell you his version of events, but will not speak to the accusations of fellow P.O.W.'s that he gave aid and comfort to the enemy. That when he broke and signed their confessions, he actually gave them military information. With a wink and a thumbs up, McCain pretends that he was the only P.O.W. in the entire war, and that somehow, being shot down while hot dogging it, makes him uniquely qualified to be President.

Barely mentioned in this time of economic turmoil is the Keating 5 scandal. Another time when banks failed and John McCain was right in the thick of things. Free vacations to sunny climates on corporate jets owned by Charles Keating, as well as gifts, in exchange for McCain's influence in Congress to squash an investigation into Keating's role in the Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal. Now, we have another economic crisis with Mccain once again smack dab in the middle. Phil Gramm, who advises the McCain campaign, was one of the principle players in the entire economic collapse due to his role in deregulating, well, everything.

More egregious than any of this though, are the actions of the Republicans themselves. Knowing full well that McCain is showing signs of senility, and that Sarah Palin in the Oval Office would mean the end of the United States as we know it, they push their lies, not 'talking points', but outright lies, in order to cause fear among voters and retain power at all costs. Spewing vomit filled phrases of 'Country First', these domestic terrorists would say anything, do anything, lie about anyone, make up stories, spread false rumors, rig elections, send out false fliers threatening voters, hijack the government of an entire state to block a lawful investigation, ignore the Constitution of our country, refuse to submit to the laws of the United States, steal the wealth of the nation, and refuse to hold accountable a criminal President and Vice-President.

That makes the Republican Party of the United States as bad as, or worse, than the Alaska Independence Party, and as such, should be disbanded, it's leaders arrested on charges of domestic terrorism, and all of the members of this criminal enterprise that has caused so much misery, be barred from ever holding any public office again. Anyone who believes that this is not a true terrorist organization only need look at the U.S. Terrorism Act of 2000 and the Patriot Acts passed by the Republicans themselves to see what is considered terrorism.

Included in these documents are definitions of terrorist acts that include 'intimidation of civilian populations for political gain,' 'attempts to subvert lawful political activities by use of intimidation, advertising, and are being done to advance a political, religious, or ideological cause.' There are also sections that say 'inoculating or impressing upon a targeted populace the impression of impending disaster, or to cause a state of fear short of conventional warfare.' By these definitions, the Republican Party HAS degenerated into little more than a criminal terrorist organization that should no longer be recognized as a legitimate political entity in the United States. The war on terror can truly be won after all. The problem is, that in order to win, we must begin cleaning house at home. Because if anyone holds any lofty illusions as to the intent of the Republicans, they need look no further than this maniacal campaign they are waging.

And this blatant effort to place not one, but two Manchurian candidates into the Oval Office should prove once and for all who these people are. No one can possibly hold any illusions as to who would actually be running the country were these two mentally challenged candidates be installed through yet another stolen election. It would be people like Rich Davis, Steve Schmidt, Karl Rove, James Baker 3rd, and Henry Kissinger to name a few.

These monsters could care less if they touched off another civil war in this country, and in fact, they would benefit greatly from a divided nation that is the stated goal of the terror cell in Alaska that Palin can deny she still belongs to all she wishes, but it's pretty obvious where her loyalties truly lie. And lie. And lie...........................

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