Thursday, October 2, 2008

Biden Should Go For A Knockout Against Palin

(Warning- This piece is going to be insulting and derogatory. Those who can't stand the truth should turn away now.)

It seems as though the media are intentionally trying to lower expectations for the debate tonight between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. All the morning talk shows, all of the print media, and all over the internet, the only thing one can see or hear is pundits telling us that Palin does really, really well in debates because she's always got a good zinger or one liner. That she's an expert at deflecting hard questions and turning them into insults against her opponents and that's a danger to Biden.

What kind of poop are they trying to hand us? Shouldn't they be setting the bar just as high for Sarah Palin that they would expect from say, Hillary Clinton? During the primaries, Clinton, a woman herself in case anyone has forgotten, had a commanding grasp of the issues, and had the oratory and mental skills to stand and debate with her colleagues.

Everyone should be nauseous at this point. We should all be shocked and stunned and screaming from the roof tops about the audacity of the Republican Party putting this woman on the ticket. Easily blamed, McCain may have bowed to the pressure of the Party, but no one should have any illusions as to the people that placed the pressure on him to accept an unqualified far right extremist just to placate the Christian Coalition. It was the Party hierarchy. Which means that the Republican Party believes that Americans are morons, because that's exactly who they have put forth to be half a step away from the Oval Office.

This garbage about Biden having to be careful when debating Palin is just that, garbage. If Sarah Palin wants to play in the adult's sand box, then she had damned well be able to accept the political punches that come her way. Having already accepted the role of tower princess, locked away from all but the most gentle, softball reporters and questions, the public has gotten the impression that Palin is a fragile little thing, and the person who really makes policy for the Palin Administration in Alaska is her husband Todd.

Biden should and must end this farce once and for all by not allowing Palin to answer any question with vague references to Putin's rearing head. One tactic he can easily employ is to give an in depth answer to a question on either foreign or domestic policy, then turn to the mental midget and say " I think we should give Governor Palin a chance to express her views on the subject." The rest of us can then sit back and guffaw as Palin flails around like an Alaskan flounder, sputtering and talking about making moonshine in a fishing shack.

Millions and millions of Americans listen to this woman speak and become frightened, genuinely frightened. When a candidate for such a high office can not answer a question about which media outlets she gets her world view from, then we as Americans must realize that she doesn't have one beyond the talking points given to her from the Bush/McCain handlers. Reading Good Housekeeping does not a Presidential ticket make.

Luckily for the Republicans, the economy that they have been raping for the past eight years decided to take a dive just one month before the elections and a week before the debate. It diverted attention away from the investigation going on against Palin in Alaska, and the fact that she refuses to cooperate with it. Her husband, who holds no standing as an Alaskan government entity, also refused to testify when called. Why hasn't he been charged with contempt? Because the McCain campaign has basically hijacked the reigns of power in Alaska. A coup if you will.

Why won't the Palins release their financial records, and why won't McCain himself release his medical records or his family's financials? What's the big secret? Better yet, what are they hiding? These subjects should be slipped into the conversation by Biden tonight. Palin should be made to look like what she really is. Another neo-fascist criminal dressed in apple pie crust that the Republicans are trying to pass off as a brand new car. The way the Republicans are presenting Palin to us is like a used car salesman telling you you can kick the tires, but not take the car for a test drive before you but it.

Everyone should come to terms with the fact that the Republicans sre so trying to trick people into voting for them that their candidates that are running in Washington State don't even call themselves Republicans. They are on all the ballots as the GOP Party, and a court just allowed them to run that way, knowing that many people don't understand that GOP is the Republicans. They're ashamed of their own party for Christ's sake!

The rampant cronyism practiced by Palin should be brought up by Biden during this faux debate. We have all heard of and forgotten about the appointments Palin made in Alaska, especially the appointments of her high school friends to high positions like the Agriculture Department, where the only qualification the person had was the love of cows. Is this how Palin would pick her staff as Vice-President? Would she appoint the 'First Dude' to be Secretary of State should she end up in the Oval Office? Does anyone else see the ridiculousness of this entire situation?

So go ahead Joe. There is absolutely no reason to treat this moron with any type of kid gloves. She jumped into this race knowing she wasn't qualified, loving the thought of the limelight, but now the demands of the Republican Party are that everyone pay deference to a woman who's only skills are the ability to insult the good works that others do. Expose this pork eater for the criminal she is. Play stump the candidate. Because right now, the only thing standing between the complete insanity of the McCain campaign ending up being in charge of the Executive Branch come January is you.

This entire show reminds one of the rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees. The hatred that exists between the fans of both teams is so palpable, you could cut it with a knife. A hatred and a blind loyalty to their home teams that should the Yankees not make the playoffs but the Red Sox do, Yankee fans will root for any team that's playing the Sox and vice-versa. Those are the types of divisions that separate Americans and ones that are exasperated and fostered by the Republicans. They demand blind loyalty and they get it. Because any self respecting Republican that is voting for the Keyston Campaign of John McCain after he presented Sarah Palin as a qualified to be President running mate cares not about America or our survival as a nation. They only care about the home team winning the World Series.

Go ahead Joe. Let it all out against this little gutter snipe who doesn't even know where Arkansas is, let alone the intricacies of Middle Eastern policies. Go right for the jugular, the right hook knockout punch and let every Republican in the country whine and cry tomorrow. Because the fact of the matter is, Joe, that these people weren't voting for the Obama/Biden ticket no matter what any way, so all of their demands for light treatment of Sarah 'What's the Supreme Court' Palin and her imbecile surrogates who claim that voter questions are 'gotcha' attempts should be blissfully ignored. It's time for Palin to be on the receiving end of a public humiliation and there's no one better qualified to give her one than Joe Biden. Hit one out the park, Slugger!

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