Monday, June 9, 2008

Mexico And Jordan More Important Than New Orleans

Stories from the Associated Press about the new war funding bill about to get the thumbs up from Congress, but eerily absent from major mainstream media newscasts and sites should so enrage every American, that the Congressional switchboard should light up like a Christmas tree.

The new demands from the liar in chief for $212 billion to fund his illegal war in Iraq have add ons for the country of Jordan to the tune of $100 million dollars that will go to directly aid their military. Also included are items such as $50 million dollars in military aid for the government of Mexico, and oh, by the way, $350 million dollars to help Iraqi refugees. The amount of money that would have gone to help Katrina victims who are mentally handicapped and/or disabled people would have been a mere $73 million. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the cut in aid to New Orleans is necessary in order to avoid a Presidential veto.

This new war funding will supposedly keep the Iraq war going through January of 2009, in and of itself a slap in the face to war opponents, but there seems to be a disconnect between the charlatans in Washington D.C. and the people who sent them there as to where the hearts and priorities of the American people lie. We would never begrudge helping the Iraqi people, but should we not be helping our own suffering two and a half years later citizens? And why in the world would we as Americans wish to arm a state sponsor of terrorism to the tune of 100 million dollars?

Rep. Allen Boyd, a Democrat from Florida, needs to have his head examined for making idiotic statements along the lines of 'we're cutting aid for Katrina victims due to the 9 trillion dollar national debt'. What? Somebody must have slipped something into this jerk's Kool-Aid! And Pelosi's fear of a veto from the chicken hawk in chief are unfounded, because were he to do so, he would be unfunding his own war. Even better. Let him veto the bill. Let the Pentagon, who ordered the destruction of interrogation notes at Gitmo run out of money for this illegal mass murder. We all know by now that it was outright lies that led us into this war in the first place, so let the money dry up. Otherwise, we are complicit in the lies of the worst presidency in American history.

Outside of the New Orleans city hall, in a park across the street, people are living in a tent city. No homes, no jobs, no food, no running water, no toilets, and no beds. There are American children in this tent city. There are American men and women living in conditions that we condemn third world nations for forcing their citizens to live in. But yet, this government that is supposed to be of the people, for the people, and by the people, has decided that military hardware for Mexico and Jordan is more important than helping Americans. They have decided that the Iraqi people are almost four times more important than the American people with this scam of a war bill.

And where will all of this $212 billion dollars really go? Oh, you know it. Halliburton, Blackwater, the Bush family's Carlyle Group, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, think tanks like the Council on Foreign Relations among a few of the biggest war profiteers. Oh, and let's not forget the oil companies who are over there right now, making sure that only a spit of Iraq's oil gets produced in order to push the price through the roof. They'll get there cut for 'oil field development'.

This outrage and insult to the very core of who we are as a nation must not be allowed to stand. We help our own first. Period. And don't start with the tired, idiotic arguments that this should not be attached to a war spending bill, because neither should allotments to help Iraqi refugees, nor giveaways to a terrorist state and drug dealer Mexico. Get in your Congress person's face. Call and email your local, state and federal representatives and tell them America cares about the starving and homeless people of New Orleans first, and we care about the rest of the world second. DO not let this trend of forcing hurting Americans to take a back seat to the needs of the power brokers continue, or the road to ruin is already behind us. That's OUR money they're playing around with, and Ms. Pelosi would do well to remember that. The Congress and this idiot in the Oval office would do well to remember that they are also supposed to be American citizens, and not some sort of aristocracy that makes decisions contrary to the will of the people.

Because even though Americans have their differences when it comes to right, left, and center, we all come together during a disaster. We pay our taxes in the expectation that our government will help the people affected by disasters. We do not countenance the tossing away of our money to foreign countries for military hardware when American citizens are starving in the streets and the city of New Orleans has virtual tent cities set up in their front yard due to a lack of caring on the part of our elected leaders. Wake up Washington. The people, slow to anger, have had a belly full of this nonsense, and will brook it no longer. Trim the giveaways to foreign countries, take care of our own people, and do it now.

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