Wednesday, June 25, 2008

James Dobson, The Pharisee And anti-Christ Cultist

Just when Americans began to believe that the political waters were finally free of the attack sharks pretending to be the only ones alive to know the will of God, James Dobson, a man with absolutely no graduate degree in biblical or theological studies rears his hypocritical head.

Ripping off yet another of his much publicized political attacks on Barak Obama this time, this Pharisee and false prophet reveals once again his Stalinist view of the Bible. Another in a long line of Bible hucksters, Dobson spews political extremist views while claiming tax exempt status for his Focus On The Family group. Espousing the virtues of allowing the poor to fend for themselves, being for the death penalty, attacking Iran, and using a supposed Christian ministry to lead the fight against the Hate Crimes Bill should have been enough to expose this hypocrite for what he truly is, an anti- Christ.

It would seem almost comical were it not for the fact that this man is every bit as dangerous to the United States as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell used to be. Every charlatan that has ever used a tent to raise money for himself knows Dobson for what he is, mainly a purveyor of falsehoods and a wolf leading the flock astray. The proof in the pudding of Dobson's selective use of the Bible for his own political purposes is in his denunciation of Obama's quoting from Leviticus. But yet, Dobson himself has used Leviticus in his tirades against homosexuals, even though Leviticus says nothing to the matter. Were we to interpret Dobson's literal use of Leviticus, would that not mean that we could not wear clothing made from two different types of stitching?

But let us once and for all put an end to the claims by Dobson and other extremists that the United States was founded as a Christian nation. President John Adams, a Founding Father, signed 'The Treaty of Tripoli' and it was ratified by the Senate in 1797, saying "The Government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion."

James Madison warned that religious sects who devolve into political organizations could lead to the leaders of those factions causing disharmony and exciting and inflaming the passions of their followers to the detriment of the rest of the country. The Framers knew of the dangers and the tyranny of forced religion of any denomination, and knowing such, wrote Article 6 into the Constitution: "no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."

But Dobson will meet with Republican leaders in the halls of our Capitol, using outright threats of holding back voter support to gain what he wants. This is known as a cult, and not a legitimate church, or any followers of the teachings of Jesus. As law enforcement invades a compound in west Texas under false pretenses and abducts hundreds of children in clear violation of the law and the civil rights of those involved, that same government kneels before James Dobson's cult and worships the falsehoods that vomit forth from his mouth.

Dobson's many appearances on extremist radio talk shows, particularly Limbaugh's Funny Time Show, gives us an insight as to the thinking that's behind the mess this nation is in. Dobson has never disavowed the statements made by Limbaugh and therefore we must assume that he agrees with them. Limbaugh said " "Sometimes you have to rise above your principles." He was speaking about creating a group to counter the 'liberals' while he added, " "It would be the Americans for Creative Reality. We'd just make it up, make up our own reality, counter the libs and deal with them on that level."

So it's ok for 'Christians' to lie in order to obtain what they want. As long as they pretend that they're doing it in the name of Jesus. What hubris. What outright gall. Who is this man Dobson, and what makes him think that he can pretend to be some sort of divine personality that God has chosen him, and him alone to speak the Word to the masses? How dare this anti-Christ spew the garbage of extremism and hate and that capitalism is the only path to God? Does he not realize that Jesus Himself was a socialist when He walked the earth? Does Dobson conveniently forget that he was told to sell all he has and give it to the poor?

It's not as though Dobson does not know how to read and memorize Scripture, it's just that he could care less about the parts that deal with love and compassion, unless it's his own brand of it. Seeking power under the guise of being a religious leader is what the pharisees practiced and so do every one of these right wing 'saints'. Self aggrandizing slaves to the flesh, Dobson, his cult followers and all of those who continue this attempt to shove theocracy down the throats of our people are every bit as bad and should be lumped in with groups such as the Westboro Baptist Church. Because even though their tactics may be slightly different, the goal is always the same. Anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-poor, anti-anti. Hate for the sake of hating, and of course the ever present pleas for more and more of your money.

The anti-Christ. Is it just one person, or would he not send disciples such as Dobson and Robertson to set the stage for his arrival? To lead the people down the wrong path of intolerance, anger, and the stepping over the rotting corpses of the poor instead of preaching the truth of love, compassion, and the willingness to give up your coat to someone in need. There is nothing whatsoever in the words of Jesus that speak of homosexuality, although it was rampant all around Him. Nothing about 'fruitcake' politicians, a thinly veiled code word used to describe gays. Nothing about turning your back on those who refuse to believe the words of the devil, and make no mistake there James, the words you spew out are nothing short of blasphemy and come from no Holy Source.

If Dobson wants to make a big splash on the political scene and we all know that he does, then shouldn't his Focus On The family political organization have their tax exempt status pulled? Have an audit done by someone at IRS other than a Bushie? Can someone simply not sit this evil dictator down and ask him politely to shut the hell up? That we Americans are sick and tired of the hatred of others lines, the intolerance and the money grubbing hands that tell us the only way to Heavan is to give to a cause that in turn refuses to help the poor. Tell Dobson that we are all Americans, all 300 million of us, not just his 7 million and declining listener ship. All of us includes white, black, yellow, brown, amber, and even those with spiked green hair. Christians, Atheists, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, and all other faiths. Democrat, Republican, Green Party, Independent, Socialist, Communist, Libertarian, and on and on. All Americans. Not just James Dobson and his merry little cult of wannabe dictators.

Go away Dobson. Be glad that people such as yourself have prevented many cures for diseases from being discovered with your opposition to stem cell research. You're right. we don't want the cloning of people to take place, because then we could end up with another you. Go and reflect on the warning given to you by your Lord: "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess. Thou blind Pharisee...."

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